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Hands off Syria! Condemn false allegations used to launch aggression! No to the use of force for regime change!

(August 28, 2013) – The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) vehemently opposes the warmongering against Syria and calls on Canadians to condemn any attacks on Syria.

The United States and Britain are leading the plans to commit aggression and Canada has officially announced it is “in lockstep.” The aggressive NATO military alliance is being prepared to launch the aggression with a devastating missile attack.

Condemn the use of  force to settle differences. Condemn the  criminal falsifications about who is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the convocation of NATO’s self-serving “duty to protect” doctrine.

The people of Syria are already suffering untold crimes as a result of the actions of the rebel forces in the pay of foreign powers. The frenzy for war is the result of the competition between the United States and European powers to control whatever regime is brought into being as a result of the actions of the rebel forces in their pay. Their out of control “regime changes” have already caused havoc all over the Middle East and beyond. Condemn the foreign interventions which are increasing the suffering of the Syrian people as well as the danger that wars will escalate in that region way beyond the attacks against Syria alone. It must not pass!

Uphold Syria’s Sovereignty!
Condemn False Allegations Used to Launch Aggression!
No to the Use of Force for Regime Change!
Hands Off Syria!

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Call of the Canadian Peace Alliance

(August 27, 2013) – The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) is calling on all its members and supporters to oppose an impending US-led attack on Syria.

Once again, a report about the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction is being used to justify an intervention. We are always opposed to the use of any weapons on civilians, but as was the case with the last reports of an alleged attack, there is no conclusive proof that the attack came from the Syrian government. Continue reading

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Event: No war on Syria!

Stop the Bombing! Stop the War! 

ANTI-WAR RALLY The Day the Bombing Starts

Victoria Park  4pm, Corner of Spring Garden Rd. & South Park St., Halifax, NS

Hands Off Syria! Canada Needs an Anti-War Government! Get Canada Out of NATO!

Also join the weekly pickets opposing imperialist intervention in Syria and Iran

4 – 5 pm, Fridays (weather permitting – or replaced by the above action), Corner of Spring Garden Rd. & Barrington St.

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USA: The accelerating assault on journalism

Some prominent media figures applaud the criminalization of investigative reporting, something not confined to the USA. On November 30, 2010 the former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Thomas Flanagan, publicly called for the assassination of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on CBC TV’s Power and Politics. Most media in Canada passed over his call without comment. Yet, according to the US media watchdog group FAIR, “While whistleblowers have been the chief targets of the harsh crackdown on media challenges to official secrecy, journalists themselves are increasingly in the government’s sights.”

FAIR (Aug. 27) – U.S. soldier Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning’s 35-year sentence represents the harshest punishment issued to date for providing media with evidence of government wrongdoing (Forbes, 8/21/13). She is the first whistleblower to be convicted under the Espionage Act, ratifying the new reality that those who give the press information that the government wants to keep secret will henceforth be treated as spies. Continue reading

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Trade routes: Russia dreams of creating an alternative to Suez

Railways across Siberia and the Far East might become alternatives to the sea route.

Russia dreams of creating an alternative to Suez

Eastern promise: freight trains at 
sidings in Siberia. The expansion plans have been criticised as ‘utopian.’ Source: Max Avdeev

Ilya Dashkovsky, RBTH (Aug. 26.) –  An ambitious program of railway expansion in Russia’s Far East opens up the prospect of creating rapid new trade routes between Asia and Europe. At least $17bn is to be invested in modernising the ageing Baikal-Amur (BAM) and Trans-Siberian railways. Supporters of the plan say that it will create a total of half a million jobs and boost industry in Siberia and the Far East region, pointing out that there is already a shortage of rail capacity for transporting freight. Continue reading

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April 20, 1922 – August 15, 2013

Mother, G’ma, wife, organic gardener, handywoman, renovator, artist, creator, mentor

Peggy Seed (centre) with Sarah (left) and Tish Edinborough at the latter’s 90th birthday celebration this spring

Peggy Seed (centre) with Sarah (left) and Tish Edinborough (right) at the latter’s 90th birthday celebration this summer held at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario on July 7th.


Peggy Seed.obit photo.smPEGGY passed away at Toronto East General in the early hours of Thursday, August 15. She died with dignity and in peace, comforted by those grandchildren, children, and caregivers who could make it in time.

Defiant until the end, battling a slew of health problems, Peggy spent her final days conscientiously planning every detail of her final project: an open house and group art show, designed to showcase her and her family’s renovation and artistic talents. The show will go on, but on Saturday, October 12 from 1 to 5 p.m. on the Thanksgiving weekend at Knox House in the Meaford-Blantyre area.

Peggy joins her loving husband Jack of 68 years, who died on December 11, 2012. She is survived by their four children: Tony, Debby, John and Julia (Will McIlvride), all of Toronto; five grandchildren: Martin (of Atlanta), Thomas Reyto (Alex), Nick, Catherine Reyto, and Jennifer Wilkinson, all of Toronto; and great-granddaughter Makenna Greenland (of Burlington). Her siblings Myra (Myo Moore), John H. (Jackie), and Thomas Jackson, and Patricia (Patsy Haig) and their respective spouses (Keith, Ginny, Toni and Sally, and Graeme) all predeceased her. The many nieces and nephews of the Jackson/Moore and Seed/Smith clans will find it hard to forget their feisty aunt.

Peggy Seed was a woman of beauty and vibrancy – full of life, character and creativity, emotion and optimism. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the late Nell Bell Hollands Rae and John Jackson, she was the fourth of the original Jackson Five. The Jackson family were generous and friendly, and left a trail of respect and affection from all those who knew them. At Nell Rae’s insistence, all their children attended university and graduated in scientific disciplines such as aeronautical and civil engineering, nutrition and interior design. Peggy herself attended Ruperts Land, Gordon Bell HS, and the University of Manitoba (Diploma, Interior Design 1938). She had longed to be an architect and applied to and was arbitrarily rejected by the Faculty of Architecture due to her gender. Continue reading


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Canada’s role in organizing electoral coups in Middle East and North Africa


usaid-cashTML Daily – ON JULY 18, Canada’s new Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Lynne Yelich announced two Canadian projects to train women in electoral campaigning in the Middle East and North Africa, namely in Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen. The announcement comes as the U.S. imperialists are scheming to invade Syria in various ways. Jordan and Lebanon border Syria and the U.S. and Israel are active in Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen. In North Africa, the U.S. carries out drone strikes in Tunisia and NATO forces, including Canada, invaded Libya in 2011 and overthrew its government. Meanwhile, foreign interference continues in Egypt. Continue reading


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