Symposium: Africa’s Unknown War – Apartheid Terror, Cuba and Southern African Liberation

cubafidelmandelaThis two-day event commemorates the 25th anniversary of the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, a decisive moment in the struggle against apartheid. Featuring visiting scholars and activists from Cuba and elsewhere who participated in Cuba’s anti-apartheid action.

William Doo Auditorium, University of Toronto, 45 Wilcocks Street, Toronto, Ontario

September 27, 7-10pm

Film screening of Isaac Saney’s Brothers and Sisters Keeper: Cuba and Southern African Liberation, followed by panel discussion

September 28, 8:30-5pm

Panels and keynote presentations on the following topics:

  • Apartheid’s War of Terror
  • Cuban and Southern African Liberation
  • The Battle of Cuito Cuanavale
  • The Legacies of Liberation Struggle


  • Maria Elena Alvarez (distinguished professor of African History, Institute of Inter­national Relations, University of Havana)
  • Piero Gleijeses  (Professor of U.S. Foreign Policy and Johns Hopkins University, and 2005 Guggenheim Fellow)
  • Prexy Nesbitt (former representative of the MPLA (People’s Movement for the Lib­eration of Angola) in the United States)
  • Jorge Risquet (Cuba’s chief diplomat in Africa in the 1970s-80s)
  • John Saul (internationally acclaimed scholar and anti-apartheid activist)
  • Isaac Saney (Cuba specialist at Dalhousie University)


Canadian Network On Cuba  Caribbean Studies Program, U of T  New College, U of T  African Studies, U of T  Canadian Union of Postal Workers  United Steelworkers James Robinson Johnston Chair of Black Canadian Studies, Dalhousie University  A Different Booklist Taylor Report/CIUT-FM  Group for Research and Initiative in the Liberation of  Africa

For more information:

Isaac Saney at: 902-494-1531 email: ;

Melanie Newton at: 416-978-4054;

Miguel san Vincente at 416-538-0889 email:

Website: •


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