Birds of a feather flock together

Having made the desert bloom and trying to wiping a people off the map, they are now helping the birds to fly

birds-of-a-featherThose shabby greenwashers par excellence, the racist and fascist Jewish National Fund, are naming a ‘migratory bird interpretive centre,’ after the Cackling Goose in Ottawa and using him as their corporate shill. The centre is located on land stolen from the Palestinian people and bordered by the Golan Heights, which belongs to embattled Syria. It is to be watered with Canadian tax-exempt ‘charitable’ donations from big capital, in the manner of the infamy called Canada Park.* “The prime minister has a strong love of animals: cats, dogs, pandas,” one Zionist told the Toronto Star, trying to explain the connection. “It plays off his whole love of animals.”

The macabre and cynical association caused me to dwell on the Canada Goose (Branta canadensis), though the Cackling Goose is a distinct species or maybe even a sub-species. Really. I live on the migratory north-south bird flypath over the waters of Georgian Bay, part of Lake Huron and the Great Lakes that separate Canada from the USA. When I first moved here, I was initially in awe of their seemingly majestic flying V-shaped wedge and began to watch them more closely each spring and fall. How to ‘interpret’ them? They always fly in a pack. In nature, birds of a single species do in fact frequently form swarming flocks. According to one source, ornithologists explain this behaviour as a “safety in numbers” defensive tactic to reduce the risk of predation from outsiders. Yet the American imperialist dictum that “the best defence is offence” seems to ring true for geese. What is remarkable is how they all turn their heads in the same direction even before – in fact, just before taking off. They are confrontational. They kill and cannibalize their own. They are noisy and strident: when they communicate, they honk, and are unintelligible to any but their own. They are carried or propelled by the wind without the strength or body mass for independent flight. First, one black-headed bird will zoom to the lead, only to be overtaken and surpassed by another, almost like a basket of crabs suspended in the sky. During twilight they descend from the clouds to the farmer’s ponds to nest overnight and replenish themselves. They infest everything around them. In their insatiable craving for food, they increasingly feed from the garbage; the more the fertile farm lands are bought up and converted into golf courses with ever greater number of ponds, the more the geese land and even squat, never to leave, feeding from the garbage. In the morning dawn, they head ‘Down South’ – carried by the wind, oblivious to the border, leaving their droppings and bacteria behind. Like the swarming Zionists and their feathered friends, they have become an invasive species, moving from the northern part of the hemisphere into temperate parts of the world. Be careful, what’s good for the fat, defecating, honkin’, predatory, two-legged goose and their “whole love of animals” isn’t so hot for the gander, who loves human beings! But! They do not own the skies! They are frightened by the crashing of the thunder and the streak of lightning. They dart hither and thither, the V-formation a mirage. The association brought to mind the image of quite another bird, proudly wheeling above the waters, cleaving clouds and crying fiercely … the ‘interpretation’ brought to life by Maxim Gorky in 1901 in his prophetic Song of the Stormy Petrel. It’s the storm! The storm is breaking!

Let it break in all its fury!


In June 1967, the Palestinian villages of Beit Nuba, ‘Imwas (Emmaus), and Yalu were occupied, bulldozed, and totally demolished by Israel on the orders of Yitzhak Rabin, and their inhabitants, over 10,000 people, forcibly dispersed; these acts are rightly described as war crimes. Today, at the site of the ruins of these villages, stands the infamy called Canada Park, a recreational playground financed by Canadian  tax-deductible dollars. For a detailed exposure by Dr Ismail Zayid, visit

The Toronto Star Newspaper Ltd. has a commemorative plaque attached to a wall, indicating corporate sponsorship. In 1999, the Star made a financial contribution to the Bassett Foundation for Environmental Action in Israel.


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3 responses to “Birds of a feather flock together

  1. Well said, Tony.
    This interesting comparative analysis tells it as it is.
    The infamy called Canada Park, built on the ruins of illegally- demolished Palestinian villages, with our tax dollars, stands to our
    shame as Canadians.

    Ismail Zayid


  2. Bill Shpikula

    Thank you, Tony. I found your piece to be a very powerful condemnation of Harper and the Zionist lobby. It drew me to investigate further the history of “Canada Park” and the terrible War Crimes that were committed there. I found your article very original and creative. Perhaps you should turn it into poetry. Maxim Gorki’s poem, Song of the Stormy Petrel, was truly inspiring. Thank you again. Harper and the Jewish National Fund must be condemned for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity!


  3. Rocio Martinez

    I liked the creative analogy Tony. I did not know about the history of Canada Park and the crimes committed by the Racist Israeli state at the area. I will disseminate your piece to my colleagues. Thank you-Frank


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