Important reading: Harper government to usurp more arbitrary powers on behalf of the monopolies

110129-HamiltonDayofAction-87FINANCE Minister Jim Flaherty tabled the Omnibus Budget Bill C-4 on October 21, 2012. The bill is an act to implement certain provisions of the budget and other measures put before Parliament on March 21, 2013. It marks the second federal budget implementation bill this year, and the fourth omnibus budget bill introduced in the House in the past two years. The Bill is 308 pages in length, contains 472 separate clauses, and amends or repeals 70 legislative measures. Two days after tabling the massive Bill, the government introduced a time allocation motion to limit debate on the bill to five days at second reading. The bill will have a major impact on many areas in the daily lives of Canadians and this its implictions should be thoroughly understood. You can read a comprehensive analysis of the bill at the following link, which is provided by the TML Weekly Information Project:

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