Government’s decision to cut Veterans Affairs offices putting mentally injured war veterans and their families at risk

Chris Cobb of the Citizen has this article:

OTTAWA (Nov. 11) — Decorated Canadian general Sen. Romeo Dallaire says “ruthless” federal government cuts to Veterans Affairs and National Defence are putting mentally injured war veterans and their families at risk.

“We invested tens of millions of dollars for them to do the job overseas so we’d better be prepared to do what’s needed to take care of them and their families,” said Dallaire, Canada’s first public face of post-traumatic stress disorder. “Veterans Affairs should have been exempt and funded according to the increasing demand, but it didn’t get that pass.”

Early next year, Veterans Affairs will close nine regional offices and it is cutting about 300 jobs and at least $226 million from its budget. 
Dallaire, who was medically released from the armed forces in 2000 after being diagnosed with PTSD, says DND has been “chipping away” at programs created to care for casualties because its priorities are elsewhere.

“And when people tell me at Veterans Affairs that the programs won’t be affected because they’ve done studies, it’s nothing more than double talk and camouflage for the fact that they’re cutting.”

Full story here:

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