Harper to undertake first official visit to Israel

Toronto protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's visit to Toronto for Zionist fundraising dinner, December 1, 2013.

Toronto protest against Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Toronto for Zionist fundraising dinner, December 1, 2013.


TML Daily (Dec. 3) – FLYING in the face of international opinion and the Canadian people, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has chosen this moment in history and contemporary international relations to honour the State of Israel with his first official visit as Canadian head of government.

This development was announced in connection with Harper’s appearance Sunday evening, December 1, as guest of honour at the Toronto Negev Dinner, a Zionist fundraiser.[1]

According to a report filed on the website of CBC News, his Zionist hosts sang Harper’s praises as a bird-loving environmentalist. On this basis they are going to be naming the Hula bird sanctuary in northern Israel after Harper.

The gesture is pathetic, calculated to deny’s Canada’s negative role in international climate talks and the widespread rejection of the negative environmental and political consequences of the resource rape being committed all over Canada but specifically across northern Alberta in the Athabasca tar sands by U.S. and Canadian energy resource development monopolies.

The Hula Conservancy Sanctuary is built on lands belonging to dispossessed Palestinian fishermen and their families, who are banned from ever returning. It is less than five miles west of the Golan Heights, a parcel of Syrian territory occupied by Israeli forces since the June 1967 war. In line with the mandate of the United Nations Truce Services Organization (UNTSO), Canadian Forces stand on the Golan Heights supposedly to separate the armed forces of both countries, who remain officially at war having signed no peace agreement or official truce since June 1967.

The proposal to name the Hula Bird Sanctuary after Harper richly illustrates how desperate the Harper gang and its Zionist fellow-travelers are becoming. They are determined to push the discreted direction the Harper government is taking Canada in all fields while they can.

Clearly, it’s high time Canadians gave Stephen Harper the bird.

The Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu is especially enamoured with the Harper government’s parroting of every one of Tel Aviv’s unsupported allegations against the government and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Indeed, on this front, Stephen Harper is further entrenching the Canadian government in the same circle of hell reserved for and occupied not only by Tel Aviv and Washington but also by the absolute monarchy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ottawa, Tel Aviv and Riyadh remain the only world capitals openly supporting the lunatic notion of unleashing acts of aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Not in Our Name! 
It is Time to Give Harper the Bird!


1. The Toronto Negev Dinner is a major annual fundraiser for the Jewish National Fund (JNF). Canadian tax laws treat the JNF as a “charity.” This is despite the fact that, within Israel, the JNF is an NGO that exists to violate – “legally” in the sense of no formal government approval nor disapproval – the specific proscription of the Fourth Geneva Convention against the involuntary transfer of the Palestinian populations of the Occupied West Bank and the transfer of their lands to Jewish citizen-settlers from the Israeli occupier.

This dispossession carries on despite the fact that both Israel and Canada formally recognize the Fourth Geneva Conventions as part of international humanitarian law applicable to all the Convention’s signatories. Notably in this particular regard, the JNF has also financed Canada Park.

The Canada Park war crime is JNF’s true face. Albeit with decreasing effectiveness, this remains hidden behind the JNF’s semi-official posture as a humanitarian charity. In that context, it raised money to finance the planting of trees, and also teamed with some other Israeli-dominated Jewish community charities involved in attending to the health needs of aging and retired Israeli survivors of the World War Two Nazi judeocide.

The particular zone of Canada Park was developed by the JNF as a “family recreation area” for Israeli Jewish families. It was carved out of the Latrun Salient inside the occupied West Bank literally on the bones and stones of three Palestinian villages razed by the Israeli Army at the start of the Six-Day War in June 1967. This outrage was actually inflicted deliberately by the Israeli Army on the Palestinians of that area. Heroically, and denied ammunition resupply, the Palestinians of the Latrun Salient kept the main road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem out of the Zionists” hands up until three weeks before the end of the British Mandate (and final withdrawal of the last colonial police and other British armed forces from the area). Under the “Not In Our Name” banner, progressive Canadians since the June 1967 war have been repudiating this Canada Park outrage.

One of the JNF’s latest crimes involves the forcible displacement of a Bedouin community of 30,000 to 70,000 people from 35 villages in the Negev region to make room for settlers transplanted from Canada. This and other Zionist crimes and the Harper government’s collaboration were vigorously opposed by protestors at the December 1 Negev Dinner.

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

Toronto, December 1, 2013

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