Venezuelan president condemns riots as coup attempt

Plus: Cyberwarfare against Venezuela, and atatements issued by Cuba and Argentina condemning “clear attempts of destabilization”

VENEZUELA –We Are Maduro • Chavez Vive • Hands Off Venezuela

VENEZUELA –We Are Maduro • Chavez Vive • Hands Off Venezuela

President Maduro was democratically elected on 14 April 2013, says the release(Feb. 14 ) – RIOTS that occurred in Caracas and other big Venezuelan cities on Wednesday after student manifestations had the goal of toppling the government, President Nicolas Maduro (pictured) said Thursday in a televised address to the nation.

“Criminal violence was unleashed for the purpose of soaking Venezuela with blood, and the political objective was to topple the government,” Maduro said. “The fascists who took part in the manifestation” had a plan to break through to the Presidential Palace, he indicated.

“We know the names of the organizers of these criminal actions and the Attorney’s Office has issued the warrants to arrest them,” he said. “I call on those of them who are hiding away from justice to surrender to the authorities.”

“We are told that Venezuela resembles Ukraine, but claims of this kind are totally groundless,” Maduro went on. “The Venezuelans don’t have anything in common with the Ukrainians because a social revolution for the benefit of the people is in progress in our country.”

He also expressed the confidence that the vast majority of Venezuelans supported the government of the Bolivarian revolution, and he urged the people to stay adamant, to resist provocations and to stand up firmly against the plans of the putsch perpetrators.

Conspiracy behind protests

Earlier on the same day, Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez told reporters that the Wednesday disorders “had the character of a conspiracy” and were instigated by plotters who had been trained abroad.

“The fascist groupings took specialized training abroad,” he said. “The disorders were not spontaneous and there exists an organization trying to topple the government in an unconstitutional and violent way.”

Rodriguez apportioned blame for organizing the riots to Leopoldo Lopez Mendoza, the leader of the oppositionist Voluntad Popular party, and he urged the moderate opposition “to stay away from supporting those who seek to push the country into a civil war.”

“Let’s conduct dialogue,” Rodriguez said. “Please offer your own plan to the country and let the people decide on which pathway to choose.”

Wednesday’s riots

Manifestations of young Venezuelans in support of the administration of President Nicolas Maduro and against it took place in different cities of the country Wednesday. They were timed for Youth Day.

No incidents were registered at the beginning but clashes between oppositionist-minded youngsters and the police began later. A total of three people died as a result and twenty others received injuries.


* * *

2. Cyberwar against Venezuela: More than 61 pages of public services attacked within 48 hours

cyberwar(Feb. 16, 2014 ) – The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of Venezuela , Manuel Fernandez, reported on Saturday that in the previous 48 hours 61 pages of public services, through which information is obtained and procedures performed, had been attacked by public hackers.

Fernandez explained that the pages have been victimized by four types of cyber attacks , coming mainly from abroad, and the most violated were those of municipalities, ministries, law enforcement, and criminal justice, among others.

The best known of these attacks is the use of a disfigurement, which has been reported in 16 web pages Venezuelan.

He explained that when the user enters a web site that has been attacked, the user does not see what he or she usually sees, but an image with a message from the attackers, so the actual content is disfigured.

Similarly, it was reported that in the past hours, 27 public pages had been violated in the form of denial of service. In this case, he said, when there is a server that will run an errand, artificially simulating many users trying to access a page, a denial of service occurs, making it impossible for the surfer that can enter.

He explained that under this scheme, the most aggressive attack was made on Friday night. The hackers attempted 500,000 hits per minute to Page paperwork with currency Cadivi, an action which corresponds to the economic war against the Venezuelan people, also cybernetics. Venezuela has been blocking websites that track the black market rate for the country’s currency for months

Another destabilizing actions of these groups corresponds to the so-called Cross-Site, which occurs when there is vulnerability; the lack of filtering mechanisms is used to allow sending login and unvalidated data, which may lead to the destruction of the pages and a consequent effect on users’ computers.

The minister explained that these pages also suffered attacks that were caused by transmitting data, they were delayed or duplicated by others, they can even access the constraseña and user data.

CANTV, is government-run and handles the overwhelming majority of Internet traffic

CANTV, is government-run and handles the overwhelming majority of Internet traffic

He recalled that anti-Chavez groups had recently said that they had declared cyber war on Venezuela.

He added that these cyber attacks also threaten the peace and quiet of the Venezuelan people, since they generate anxiety and discontent among the people. He recalled that popular Internet access has increased over 1000 per cent since CANTV was nationalized, seven years ago. with information from AVN

Note: According to MercoPress, Venezuela’s government also suspended broadcasting inside the country on Wednesday night of the Colombian regional news channel NTN24, claiming it was trying to incite citizens to overthrow the government. Colombia operates under U.S. dictate.

* * *

3. Ministry of Foreign
Relations Statement 

• Cuba condemns attempted coup in Venezuela

The Republic of Cuba’s government strongly condemns ongoing attempts to carry out a coup d’état against the constitutional government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the violent incidents organized by fascists groups which have caused deaths, dozens of injuries, attacks on public institutions, the burning of vehicles and destruction – as denounced before the world by President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The Cuban government expresses its full support to the Chavista Bolivarian Republic, and calls for broad international solidarity, with the conviction that the Venezuelan people will defend the irreversible conquests they have made, the legacy of President Hugo Chávez Frías, and the freely, autonomously elected government, led by President Maduro.

It is important to recall that the events which occurred yesterday, as youth and the Venezuelan nation commemorated the bicentennial of the heroic battle known as La Victoria, are similar to those which occurred April 11, 2002, which, at that time, were amplified by accomplice governments and the corporate media, as part of a coup, later defeated by a popular mobilization and the victorious return of Chávez.

Cuba reaffirms its unconditional support of the valiant, concrete efforts made by President Maduro and the political-military leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution to preserve the peace, integrate all sectors of society and promote the socio-economic development of this sister nation.

Havana, February 13, 2014.

 * * *

4. Argentine government condemns “clear efforts of destabilization” in Venezuela

MercoPress (Feb. 14) – THE Argentine government has condemned what it terms “clear efforts of destabilization” in Venezuela, following Wednesday’s clashes which left three dead and dozens injured on the streets of Caracass.

Cristina Fernandez blasting 'corporations and speculation groups' in Argentina

Cristina Fernandez blasting ‘corporations and speculation groups’ in Argentina

With references to ‘speculation’ by corporations and financial groups, allegedly conspiring to oust legitimate governments democratically elected, the release reiterates many of President Cristina Fernandez criticisms when referring to the Argentine situation.

“After recent events in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Argentine government reiterates its strong support for the constitutional government elected by the citizens of that country, and notes the clear efforts of destabilization that confront institutional order in our brother nation” the Foreign Ministry signaled in a press release on Thursday.

“It should be remembered that the Venezuelan people elected peacefully and democratically President Nicolas Maduro less than a year ago, 14 April 2013, and ratified its decision on the course followed by confirming the ruling party’s victory at the municipal elections of last 8 December”.

“The legacy of repression, massive abuse of human rights and deepening of poverty left by the ferocious military dictatorships that devastated Latin America has reaffirmed as a priority duty for democracies of our region an active solidarity and common defense against the actions of authoritarian groups, corporations and those linked to financial and production speculation which pretend to govern by mere force of facts, imposing their sectors’ interests and replacing legitimate governments supported by popular will”, adds the release from Hector Timerman’s ministry.

“Finally, the Argentine Republic laments that these incidents have caused several deaths and injuries, and awaits an investigation that determines those who are responsible for them,” the statement concludes.

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