Graphic details. CNN’s imperialist geography (1)

CNN Geography Ukraine.jpg

The highly educated and famous CNN keeps on astonishing viewers about Ukraine. On May 12, one day after the refendums in eastern Ukraine, CNN placed the city of Luhansk, capital of the new Luhansk republic, approximately in the place of Kiev, capital of Ukraine. CNN’s new political geography reflects the imperialist disinformation as to the cause of the anti-Kiev, anti-fascist resistance sweeping the region: CNN places the city of Donetsk, capital of Donetsk republic, a few hundred kilometres to the northeast from the real locale of the historic working class city. Other monopoly media are as ignorant in their arrogance, or worse. This must be really insulting to the people of Ukraine, when those who can’t even find you on a map think to teach you how you must live or lie about the situation in your country.

BBC map

BBC map

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