Statements against the war crimes

West Asia

(Updated July 21) The Arab League “affirmed the necessity of urgent steps for an immediate end to the Israeli aggression on Gaza and providing protection for the Palestinians,” in a report to be submitted to a meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries which comprise the Arab League. Israeli “air strikes on Gaza have become a matter that cannot be met with silence any more,” it said.

The Arab League “demands that the international community intervene through its legal and humanitarian institutions to protect the Palestinian people,” the statement said. The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting July 20 Sunday evening on the situation in Gaza at the request of Jordan on behalf of the Arab Group of the UN Security Council.

Even Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an election speech on July 19, called Israel’s disproportionate use of force in its ground invasion of Gaza as “barbarism that surpasses Hitler,” AP reports. An Israeli woman said Palestinian mothers should be killed, too. And she’s a member of the Israeli parliament. What is the difference between this mentality and Hitler’s?,” Erdogan added. 

At an iftar meeting of Islamic scholars on July 17 in Istanbul, he said Israel is perpetrating genocide in Gaza while the international community as well as the UN remain silent spectators. This is not the first time we have been confronted by such situations. Since (the creation of the Zionist state) in 1948 we have been witnessing” similar acts by Israel “every day and every month,” Erdogan said.” Erdogan also had harsh words for the United Nations, asking “What is the UN doing? Why has it been founded? For world peace? Does it contribute to the world peace? No. UN is just following its ‘secret agenda’,” he said.

On July 18, Israel decided to evacuate the families of diplomatic staff in Turkey in Ankara after protests turned violent outside diplomatic missions in both the capital Ankara and Istanbul. The compounds were reportedly pelted with rocks as some demonstrators chanted, “Murderer Israel, get out of Palestine,” Hurriyet Daily News reported. Several Turkish diplomats attended the pro-Palestinian rallies, including a deputy from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

United Nations

A spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ravina Shamdasani  described reports about the increasing number of Palestinian casualties, especially children, as disturbing. She added that targeting houses is a breach of human rights law unless the buildings were used for military purposes.

 “We have received disturbing reports that many of the civilian casualties, including of children, occurred as a result of strikes on homes,” Shamdasani said, adding, “Such reports raise doubts about whether the Israeli airstrikes have been in accordance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law.”

According to Shamdasani, in case of any doubt, the buildings which are ordinarily used by the civilian population cannot be a legitimate target.

The UN Security Council, during a meeting on Monday July 21, expressed “serious concern at the escalation of violence” in Gaza, calling for an immediate ceasefire. The UNSC convened in an emergency session at the request of Jordan and Turkey following a call by President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, who had earlier asked for “restoring the ceasefire agreement of 2012” between Israel and Hamas.

Latin America

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) condemned Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people saying that Tel Aviv’s offensive violates even the most minimum standards of international humanitarian law by attacking civilians indiscriminately.

In addition, ALBA reaffirmed “its unconditional solidarity, support and sympathy to the people of Palestine against the new wave of violence.”

Ecuador’s government on Thursday, July 17, decided to call its ambassador in Tel Aviv, Guillermo Basante, with immediate effect, as reported by the Foreign Ministry in a statement, given the gravity of the situation in the Middle East by indiscriminate army Israel against the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza.

“Enough already, I’ve joined the campaign. #SOS Palestina, let’s launch it,” Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro declared during a televised broadcast | prensa presidencial

“Enough already, I’ve joined the campaign. #SOS Palestina, let’s launch it,” Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro declared during a televised broadcast | prensa presidencial

Venezuela called for an emergency session of the UN’s Human Rights Council to address Israel’s ongoing military incursion in Gaza, on Saturday, July 19. The South American nation’s government reiterated its support for the Palestinian people and warned that Israel had “initiated a higher phase of its policy of genocide and extermination with the ground invasion of Palestinian territory, killing innocent men, women, girls and boys.” 

“President Nicolas Maduro has instructed the Ambassador to the UN Jorge Valera to call for an emergency session of the Human Rights Council,” said an official statement on Saturday, adding the UN should address the “systematic violation of the Human Rights of the Palestinian population in Gaza by the State of Israel and adopt the necessary measures to halt those violations.” 

“Venezuela also rejects the cynical campaigns trying to condemn both parties equally, when it is clear you cannot morally compare occupied and massacred Palestine with the occupying state, Israel, which also possesses military superiority and acts on the margins of international law.” 

Bolivian President Evo Morales joined with the Venezuelan leader in condemnation of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. During a visit to Brazil, the Andean leader said it was high time something was done “to end the genocide that Israel is carrying out on Palestine.”

“There is no UN High Commission on Human Rights, there is no Human Rights Council. When an empire attacks a country with a view to dominating it, unfortunately there is no one who can defend the people,” said Morales in a statement.

In a communique issued July 15th, the Foreign Ministry of Cuba denounced Israel’s use of its military and technological superiority to execute a policy of collective punishment with out-of-proportion use of force, which causes the death of innocent civilians and huge material damage.

“Faced with that situation, we are calling on the international community to demand that Israel ends its escalation of violence,” the statement, signed by Director for Bilateral Issues of the Cuban Foreign Ministry Gerardo Peñalver, said.

Only talks on the grounds of equality can lead to a fair peace that allows the Palestinian people to exercise their inalienable rights and establish definitively the Palestinian State, with its capital in East Jerusalem, the text said.

In a personal statementFidel Castro Ruz, former president of Cuba and legendary revolutionary, declared Obama does not support David against Goliath, but rather Goliath against David. As is known, young men and women from the Israeli people, well prepared for productive work, are being exposed to a death without honour, without glory. I am not aware of the Palestinian’s military strategy, but I know that a combatant prepared to die can defend even the ruins of a building, as long as he has his rifle, as the heroic defenders of Stalingrad demonstrated.

“I only wish to express my solidarity with the heroic people who defend the last sliver remaining of what was their homeland for thousands of years.”


Mandela-ArafatIn South Africa, condemnation of the Israeli offensive on Palestine is gathering momentum. In a July 11 statement, the ANC deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte strongly condemned Israel’s “barbaric attacks” on Gaza likening the Zionist regime to the Nazis. Ms Duarte said the Zionists had turned the “occupied territories of Palestine into permanent death camps.” 

The ANC parliamentary caucus recommended Sisa Ngombane, the South African Ambassador to Israel, be called back in protest of this offensive. In support of this move, the ANC Youth League have gone further to suggest that the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk be made to pack his bags and leave the country. Lenk was summoned to the department of international relations and asked by Deputy International Relations Minister Nomaindia Mfeketo to explain the Israeli air strikes in Gaza. The South Africans used this opportunity to express South Africa’s grave concern on the increasing violence between Israeli and Palestinian Territories. Monyela said that no decision, however, had been taken on whether the South African ambassador would be recalled.

On the same note, the Economic Freedom Fighters have resolved to go to Palestine. EFF MP, Magadelene Moonsamy told Palestinian demonstrators that her party was with them in their suffering. She told the protesters that her party was going to Gaza to show their solidarity with the people of Palestine. She called Netanyahu a Hitler clone. She further added her voice to the calls to oust the ambassador of Israel to South Africa.

The National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) said in a statement on Tuesday July 15: “Numsa calls for the immediate expulsion of the Israeli ambassador in South Africa, Arthur Lenk, and the recall of comrade Sisa Ngombane from Tel Aviv.

“Israel must be politically isolated in the same way that South Africa was during apartheid.”

Israeli academics condemned the slaughter and endless oppression of the Palestinian people. Their statement reads: “The signatories to this statement, all academics at Israeli universities, wish it to be known that they utterly deplore the aggressive military strategy being deployed by the Israeli government. The slaughter of large numbers of wholly innocent people, is placing yet more barriers of blood in the way of the negotiated agreement which is the only alternative to the occupation and endless oppression of the Palestinian people. Israel must agree to an immediate cease-fire, and start negotiating in good faith for the end of the occupation and settlements, through a just peace agreement.

“If you are an Israeli academic, working in Israel, and would like to sign this statement, please send an email to Prof. Rachel Giora [] with your name, title and affiliation.”

Click here for the list of signatories.

The Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem denounced as illegal Israeli army claims that the neighbouring houses of Palestinians suspected of carrying out military activities are considered to be legitimate targets of attacks. 

The world’s foremost theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking took the decision at the request of Palestinian academics to  boycott the Israeli president’s conference. Cambridge University, where Hawking is the former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics and today Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at Cambridge, initially made a false claim that he had withdrawn on health grounds but Hawking issued a letter correcting that information saying his action was in support of the boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) movement. Hawking also made it clear that if he had gone he would have used the occasion to criticize Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians. His stand was approved by a majority of two to one in a poll conducted by the Guardian newspaper in England.

Reports inform that Hawking’s public refusal follows that of prominent singers, artists and writers, from Brian Eno to Mike Leigh, Alice Walker and Adrienne Rich, all of whom have publicly rejected invitations to perform in Israel. The fact that Hawking is  a famous scientist and that science and technology drive Israel’s economy is particularly damaging to Israel’s  research ties with European and American scientists.


On July 14, both British Conservative and Labour parliamentarians including Jewish MP Sir Gerald Kaufman are variously accused Israel of war crimes, disproportionate violence, ruining peace negotiations by building illegal settlements, running the world’s largest outdoor prison, collective punishment, and attacking water supplies, hospitals, supply centres and all manner of other civilian targets.

On July 17 the Irish parliament (Dáil) observed a minute’s silence in solidarity with people of Gaza. The gesture was proposed by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams who, with members of his party, had copies of the Palestinian flag. Earlier, Tánaiste Joan Burton, who was taking Opposition Leaders’ Questions, rejected a request by Mr Adams for a four-hour debate today on the Israel-Hamas conflict. He was supported by Fianna Fáil and Socialist Party TD Joe HigginsSinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald stated “Can the Tánaiste state clearly that there is no equivalence between the civilian Palestinian population and the Israeli military apparatus?’’


Communist and Workers’ Parties from around the world issued a joint statement titled: Massacre at the Expense of the People of Palestine Must End Now. It reads:

“We, the communist and workers’ parties which sign this Joint Statement condemn the barbaric and criminal assault of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.

“We express our full solidarity with the people of Palestine and we call on the workers all over the world to mobilize in order to strengthen the wave of condemnation against Israel, in order for solidarity with the Palestinian people to be expressed in a practical way.

“The USA also bears an enormous responsibility for these bloody developments, which is supporting Israel in every way in the continuation of the oppression and massacre of the Palestinian people.

“The EU also bears responsibility, as it follows the line of keeping an ‘equal distance’ between the victim and the persecutor and is simultaneously developing cooperation with Israel at a military and economic-political level.

“The communist and workers’ parties that sign this statement demand:

“That the crime against the Palestinian people be condemned.

“The continuing air raids against the Palestinian people must cease immediately and a ground offensive must be prevented.

“The Israeli occupation armies must withdraw.

“The immediate liberation of all political prisoners from the Israeli prisons.

“The tearing down of the unacceptable wall of division and the lifting of every form of blockade against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

“The immediate end to the settlements and the withdrawal of all the settlers that have settled beyond the 1967 borders.

“The right of return of all the Palestinian refugees to their homes, on the basis of the relevant UN decisions.

All joint military exercises and all the agreements of military cooperation with Israel must be cancelled.

“A Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Click here for the list of signatories.

(Agence France Presse,,, Prensa Latina, RT,, TML Weekly Information Project, TV Press, UN News Agency)



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