The most disinformed country on earth

Where the right to know the truth is systematically violated. MANUEL E. YEPE

Media-CulpaThe disinformation resources with which the U.S proclaims to the world its bonanzas, freedoms, equalities and humanitarian feelings are formidable. They have appointed themselves as judges and custodians of the civil and political rights of citizens of the Third World. Meanwhile, they trample on these rights in their own country and the rest of the planet; especially in those states considered adversaries because they do not docilely accept Washington’s global domination.

A huge global apparatus manipulates the media that spreads the American point of view throughout the planet, hides or minimizes U.S. misdeeds and creates the conditions for world opinion to accept them.

The systematic manipulation – serving the interests of the oligarchy and the military-industrial complex – of the judiciary, prison-industrial and political systems in the United States contradicts the objectivity they claim to practice. Nevertheless, their representatives expect to be acknowledged as the lawful judges of respect for human rights across the globe.

More than 75 innocent executions in the US since 1976

What confidence can the U.S. government inspire to evaluate the judicial, penitentiary and policesystems in other countries when, from 1976 until today, there have been in the U.S. more than 75 examples of death row inmates whose innocence has been demonstrated after their sentences were executed?

From the still-unexplained events of September 11, 2001 – whose clarification the corporate media no longer demands – there has been a significant increase in the number of people who have seen their civil and political rights curtailed for reasons that have nothing to do with illegal acts, but with issues related to their political affiliation, the colour of their skin, their social background or gender orientation.

It is obvious that the terrorist act which killed more than three thousand people only benefited thepromoters of the so-called New American Century Project which needed a pretext for its War on Terrorism. It was a subterfuge, similar to those the U.S. fabricated for all its wars before and after 9/11 (the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, supposed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, chemical weapons in Libya, just to name a few).

The outrageous violation of the most basic civil and political rights

The outrageous violation of the most basic civil and political rights of the hundreds of citizens from different countries held in the fascist-style concentration camp the United States maintains in the Guantanamo Naval Base – in a territory usurped from Cuba and held for more than a hundred years against the will of the Cuban people – is usually linked to what is leaked to the public about torture in military prisons abroad; but in truth, their origins are in the territory of the United States itself.

There are prominent cases of despicable injustice such as those of the immigrant workers Sacco and Vanzetti; the Rosenberg couple; the Spanish resident in Florida Joaquín José Martínez; young blackman Larry Youngblood; black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal; dozens of Puerto Rican patriots; the leader of the American Native Movement, Leonard Peltier; the Cuban Five; Bradley Manning, who revealed secret documents from the U.S. military; and hundreds of examples of political prisoners arbitrarily detained in U.S. prisons for crimes of conscience.

The series of lies that the U.S. government has used to win the support of public opinion in the United States for the war in Iraq (alleged weapons of mass destruction, supposed links of Saddam Husseinwith Osama Bin Laden and many others) came as no surprise. But it is impressive to see that much of the U.S. population still believes these lies, which have been denied even by George W. Bush himself, the then-occupant of the White House.

A significant part of the American people still justify the war launched against Osama Bin Laden by Washington, at a cost of several billion dollars and many thousands of casualties, despite the fact that it is already known that the Al-Qaeda organization – that has been an ally of the United States several times before and after 9/11– had, in 2001, less than 430 members and almost certainly none in Iraq.

Unquestionably, among the advantages enjoyed by the citizens of the United States is that of being the most lied-to and manipulated people in the world regarding the realities on the planet they inhabit. So their right to know the truth is systematically violated.

A CubaNews Translation, slightly edited for this publication. Source:  The worst informed people on the planet  Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity


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