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No signs of ‘Russian Invasion’ in Ukraine’s Novoazovsk, situation peaceful – CNN

RIA Novosti (Sept. 1) – The situation in Ukraine’s southeast border town of Novoazovsk is calm and there are no signs of Russian military forces, according to CNN.

For a town at the epicentre of what NATO and Kiev calls a direct military invasion on the part of Russia, “Novoazovsk could not feel more peaceful,” the CNN reported Saturday August 30. Continue reading

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UN Committee condemns US for racial disparity, police brutality

PBS (aug. 29 ) –The United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has published a scathing report analyzing the current state of racial justice in the United States. Citing the August 9th shooting of 18 year-old Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri and the rise of stand-your-ground laws, the committee expressed deep concerns about the ways in which the American justice system handles racially charged events. Continue reading

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The true story of Mark Paslawsky, the ‘only’ American fighter with Kiev forces

The American nephew of the notorious Ukrainian Nazi and CIA stooge, Mykola Lebed, is eulogized by the New York Times and Vice News
Mark Paslawsky. Image from

Mark Paslawsky | Image from

Bryan MacDonald*, (August 29) – On Tuesday, August 20, a US army veteran named Mark Paslawsky was killed during a battle in Ilovyask, near Donetsk, which is currently held by anti-Kiev rebels.

Fighting on the side of pro-government forces, the American had sprung to prominence because of his Twitter feed (@BruceSpringnote), often sharply critical of Ukrainian politicians, and a fawning video interview with Vice News’ Simon Ostrovsky* shortly before his death.
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Venezuela: Dirty activities of Canadian embassy


spyOpposition is being expressed in Venezuela to the activities of the Canadian embassy and its new ambassador, Ben Rowswell. Rowswell was appointed by Stephen Harper at the end of February 2014 and took up his new post in Caracas in March without a lot of fanfare. The news did not slip by us nor a number of independent media outlets.* Recently, the Canadian online publication, TML Daily, provided a revealing update from Venezuelan sources.

Mision Verdad, a blog from Venezuela described by its authors as providing “information to inform and expose” free from the manipulation that characterizes the media controlled by the rich, carried a report on the activities of the ambassador, titled “Who is the Canadian Ambassador to Venezuela?” Continue reading


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Sighting. Graffiti in Ramallah, Palestine

Graffiti in Ramalla, Palestine. US Aid: We don’t need your aid | David Lisbona/flickr

Graffiti in Ramallah, Palestine. US Aid: We don’t need your aid | David Lisbona/flickr

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Latin America’s TeleSUR now available in English

telesur-in-englishVenezuelan news network TeleSUR has launched an English-language Web platform aiming to reach a younger, global, English-speaking audience with a “Latin American perspective” on world events. The new initiative which presents a social-oriented message, brings the TeleSUR network into the same ranks as Al-Jazeera English, China Central Television, Russia Today and France 24 as a government-funded effort to produce English-language news from non-English-speaking countries. Continue reading

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The slain Palestinian journalists you don’t hear about

Some were killed in their homes, others were “deliberately targeted”

Palestinian journalists iconMa’an News Agency (August 26) – A Palestinian media watchdog said that July was the bloodiest month on record in the history of the Palestinian press, as nine journalists were killed and eight media outlets shelled during the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms said in a statement that the targeting of Palestinian media had continued into August, with at least six more journalists killed in the last three weeks as well. Continue reading

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