NATO warships in Canada ahead of Atlantic war games

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August 1, 2014

NATO Ships Kick Off Task Group Exercise In Canada

Halifax, CANADA: Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) arrived on Friday, 1 August, in the port of Halifax for a scheduled port visit in advance of Task Group Exercises (TGEX), along with ships from the U.S. and Canadian navies. TGEX is a multi-national series of naval exercises designed to promote force integration and test multiple warfighting skill sets.

SNMG2 currently consists of the U.S. flagship, USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55), the German ship FGS Niedersachsen (F 208), which is on its final deployment, and the Turkish ship TCG Kemalreis (F 247). The Canadian ship HMCS Regina (FFH 334) also serves under SNMG2 and remains in the Mediterranean in support of NATO’s maritime security operations in the region.

During the port visit, Commander, SNMG2, Rear Adm. Brad Williamson (USA N) is scheduled to meet with Rear Adm. John Newton (CAN N), Commander, Maritime Forces Atlantic, and Rear Adm. Victorino Mercado (USA N), Commander, Carrier Strike Group EIGHT, to discuss the upcoming exercises…

TGEX, the first of many intensive training events in the western Atlantic for SNMG2, is a multi-day exercise featuring anti-air, anti-submarine, live fire and ship handling exercises designed to provide high-end warfare training and valuable experience through integrated training.

2009.HISF Rally.Canada Out of NATO bannerThis port visit and the Task Group exercises kick off a North American deployment for SNMG2; the first time in several years that a NATO task force has conducted trans-Atlantic operations. The deployment to North America for a series of exercises and port visits offers high value opportunities for training at the highest levels of maritime operations. SNMG2 will benefit from opportunities to exercise jointly with U.S. carrier strike groups and other forces of the U.S. and Canadian Navies. 

“I look forward to operating with the U.S., Canadian, German and Turkish units participating in this exercise,” said Williamson (USA N). “TGEX is one of many opportunities during this deployment to foster trans-Atlantic interoperability and further enhance the readiness of NATO forces.”

SNMG2 is permanently available to NATO to perform a wide range of tasks, from real world operations to exercise participation. Composition of the force varies as allied nations contribute assets on a rotational basis. SNMG2 will be led by a U.S. Navy admiral and flagship for one year.

Story by HQ MARCOM Public Affairs Office

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