Oppose the genocidal onslaught of the Zionist occupiers!

On the Important Questions of War and Peace

Demonstration in Ottawa at the Canadian parliament, July 26, 2014

Demonstration in Ottawa at the Canadian parliament, July 26, 2014


THE genocidal onslaught of the Zionist Occupiers against the Palestinian people has entered its fourth week. Their war crimes and crimes against humanity are mounting day by day. So too is the massive disinformation of the American, Canadian and European official circles and monopoly owned media. This disinformation would have us believe that the genocidal onslaught of the Israeli Zionists against the Palestinian people is not a war crime committed by the occupiers of Palestinian lands who are engaged in state terrorism. On the contrary, they would have us believe that Israel is a modern democratic state exercising its right to self-defence against terrorist attackers.

These official circles and media shamelessly blame the Resistance for the violence of the Zionists. They call the wholesale killing of civilians, which are crimes of genocide, “unfortunate accidents” in an otherwise just cause to wipe out “terrorists.” Time and again, the media blame the Resistance for destroying any chance of a “peaceful final solution.” In fact, the very thought that the genocidal crimes of the Zionist Occupiers “protect Israeli civilians from Palestinian attacks” is irrational.

Instead of applauding the Resistance and denouncing the brutal onslaught of the Zionist Occupiers, the official circles in the Anglo-American world and Europe condemn the victims and give voice to the criminals. Not only the Government of Canada but also the NDP Official Opposition and the Liberal Party of Canada, both of which hope to form the next government, consider the state-organized terrorist assaults of the Zionist Occupiers as appropriate and those of the Resistance to be terrorism.

To excuse the crimes of the Zionist Occupiers and condemn the resistance of the Palestinians to the occupation and for their right to be is unacceptable. It is a travesty to cover up the economic and political interrelations which inform the entire policy of the system of imperialist states, of which the state of Israel is an integral part. These interrelations ascertain beyond the shadow of any doubt that the Zionist state of Israel is committing genocide.

The specialty of those engaged in spreading this disinformation is to take the Zionist onslaught out of context of social phenomena so as to spread utter confusion about the cause of the war and the nature of the Resistance. According to the disinformation, the denial of the Palestinians’ right to be is a legitimate cause of self-defence for the Israelis. It is irrational and utterly devoid of principle but, without this cover-up, how is it possible to blame the Resistance fighters for the wholesale slaughter of the Palestinian people, caught without any avenue of escape on a small sliver of land, deprived of everything they require to sustain life itself since 2006, when they elected Hamas to represent them and before that, when they were dispossessed in 1948 and then had more of their land stolen from them in 1967? Who is denying the right of the Palestinian people to be? That is the issue.

Today’s newspaper headlines in Canada scream that certain Palestinian leaders are wallowing in luxury hotels in Doha while their people are slaughtered in Gaza. Such gutter-politics show how pathetic they have become in their desperation to discredit the Palestinian leadership. It shows that the aim of the disinformation which denies the Palestinians’ right to be is to destroy the organized opposition to what is not acceptable to the human conscience and the human race. It also seeks to deprive the Palestinians of the worldwide condemnation of the Zionist slaughter. This will not succeed. The Palestinian Resistance will prevail! The worldwide condemnation will prevail!

All of it underscores the necessity to take a firm stand on why this war is being waged so as to sharpen the condemnation of the Zionist genocide and join the Resistance to end the blockade of Gaza and end the Occupation. The disinformation which covers up the genocidal aim of the onslaught must be condemned by adopting a clear position towards the war which explains why this war is being waged.

Condemn all attempts on the part of the U.S., Canada, Britain, France and other countries to give the Zionist genocidal onslaught legitimacy and justice. These too are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Long Live the Palestinian Resistance! 

End the Siege of Gaza Now! End the Occupation Now!

Demonstration in Tel Aviv, July 27, 2014

Source: TML Weekly Information Project, August 2, 2014, No. 26


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