The slain Palestinian journalists you don’t hear about

Some were killed in their homes, others were “deliberately targeted”

Palestinian journalists iconMa’an News Agency (August 26) – A Palestinian media watchdog said that July was the bloodiest month on record in the history of the Palestinian press, as nine journalists were killed and eight media outlets shelled during the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms said in a statement that the targeting of Palestinian media had continued into August, with at least six more journalists killed in the last three weeks as well.

General director of MADA Mousa Rimawi said in the statement that the attacks on journalists were widespread and focused in Gaza, where the homes of 16 journalists were also destroyed and transmission to a number of different TV, radio, and media websites was cut by the Israeli military.

“MADA believes that they would not have died if (Israeli forces) had been hold accountable for its previous crimes against journalists, which are considered war crimes according to the Geneva Conventions which protect all civilians in case of war.” The report said that seven journalists were killed in Israeli assaults on Gaza in 2009 and 2012, and “so far nobody has been held accountable.”

The statement said that in July, Israeli occupation forces had committed 73 violations of media freedom throughout the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, while three were committed by Palestinian parties in the West Bank.

“Deliberately targeted” (assassinated)

The report stressed that the the 15 journalists killed in the last six weeks “were killed in civilian sites which are supposed to be safe for civilians, including news workers.”

The report also said that while some were killed in their homes or while covering the aftermath of Israeli operations in residential neighbourhoods, others were “deliberately targeted.”

Deep respect for the journalists
Who keep sharing the truth

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