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This is Sun News

Sun News-Israel.t-shirt

This is Sun News in Canada – the “free press” makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is on Israel’s side. Owned by media monopoly Quebecor, its staff even come to public events wearing company t-shirts that promote and support Israel’s massacre in Gaza as “truth.”

Sun News Network (commonly shortened to Sun News) is an English language Category C news and opinion channel that is owned by Quebecor Media through a partnership between two of its subsidiaries, TVA Group (which maintains 51 per cent majority ownership of the company) and Sun Media Corporation (which holds the remaining 49 per cent interest). Sun News is distributed by most major cable and satellite providers across Canada and is currently included in channel tiers subscribed by only 40 per cent of all Canadian households (5.1 million homes with a pay television subscription).

Brian Mulroney, the disgraced 18th prime minister of Canada (September 17, 1984 to June 25, 1993) is a member of the board and vice-chairman of Quebecor Media.

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Build the workers’ press to oppose media monopolization: The working class must have its own voice!,” October 28, 2014

The U.S.-controlled media monopoly Postmedia announced on October 9 that it had purchased the Sun Media chain, the English-language publications of the Peladeau media monopoly, Quebecor, for $316 million. The deal gives Postmedia control of the five daily Sun newspapers in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg; 27 small-market dailies; 140 weeklies; theLondon Free Press and numerous other media properties. Postmedia already owns, among other properties, the National Post, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Regina Leader-Post, Ottawa Citizen, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Windsor Star, Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province. The purchase of Sun Media still requires regulatory approval from the federal Competition Bureau.


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Workers’ Forum – Seafarers boldly declare: No quarter for neo-liberal free traders!

Annul the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement!

Annul the Canada-Europe Free Trade Agreement!
• Seafarers Boldly Declare: No Quarter for Neo-Liberal Free Traders!
• What the Workers Had to Say
• CETA Opens the Door to Dismantling the Marine Transport Sector – Interview, Patrice Caron, Executive Vice-President, Seafarers’ International Union of Canada
• European Seafarers’ Solidarity Statement
• U.S. Seagoing Unions’ Solidarity Statement

For Your Information
• CETA Breakdown – Seafarers’ International Union of Canada Continue reading

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Fighting ISIL is a smokescreen for US mobilization against Syria and Iran

Syria will never kneel


(Sept. 17) – THE ISIL or IS threat is a smokescreen. The strength of the ISIL has deliberately been inflated to get public support for the Pentagon and to justify the illegal bombing of Syria. It has also been used to justify the mobilization of what is looking more and more like a large-scale U.S.-led military buildup in the Middle East. The firepower and military assets being committed go beyond what is needed for merely fighting the ISIL death squads. Continue reading


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Oppose Anglo-American imperialist plans for a perpetual state of chaos and war!

Anti-war action at White House, September 25, 2014 (Click to enlarge)

Anti-war action at White House, September 25, 2014 (Click to enlarge)

From New York, Canadians learned that Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who had told Parliament that Canadian “advisors” would be in Iraq only until the end of the month, is considering sending more troops to Iraq. “The United States just recently has asked for some additional contribution and we are weighing our response to that,” Harper told an assembly of businessmen at the Goldman Sachs Tower in New York on September 24. “We haven’t ruled out anything. We are wanting to see this be successful and we want to be supportive as best we can.” Continue reading

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Syria says US and its allies must stop supporting, financing and training terrorists and work under UN

2013.09.09.USDCSyriaAntiWar-CherylLaBash-01cropIn a September 23 television interview with Russia Today, Walid al-Moallem, Syria’s Deputy Prime Minister, and also its Foreign and Expatriates Minister of Syria, stressed if the U.S. and its allies are serious about combatting terrorism, they must “immediately halt supporting, financing and training the terrorist organizations” and “stop facilitating their flow into the Syrian territories through coordination with the Syrian state.” Furthermore, the U.S. must start to act under the framework of the United Nations without excluding anyone, including Russia, Iran and Syria. Continue reading

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Sighting. The most useless stop sign in Ontario

most useless stop sign in Ontario

Ian Law – Stop signs have their place on our roads especially since we lack the more time and fuel-efficient roundabouts. Continue reading

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Investigation into USAID subversion actions demanded in Peru

usaidLIMA — The Peru United Patriotic Alliance (APPU) – made up of various political groups, organizations, associations, civic fronts and social activists – demanded an extensive investigation be carried out into the subversive actions which took place in the country and were financed by USAID and other U.S. organizations. Continue reading

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