Defeat Harper! Canada Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!

TML Weekly (Aug. 30) – As the NATO Summit takes place behind a “Ring of Steel” in Newport, Wales and the peoples of Poland and all of Europe and the world mark the horrendous anniversary of Hitler’s invasion of Poland, the awareness increases that the world faces terrible dangers all over again.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently concluded a trip to the Arctic to witness Canada’s war exercises, codenamed Nanook, and engage in other activities which are preparing Canada’s Arctic for military occupation. Harper used the occasion to step up his warmongering diatribe against Russia.

On August 21, Harper was in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, where he is said to have announced initiatives to promote fresh food production in the region.

In one breath, he went from admitting that Russia is doing everything to sort out border disputes with Canada and other countries in the Arctic through international mechanisms and the rule of law, to ratcheting up his warmongering. “…we haven’t seen, obviously, the kind of aggressive moves in the Arctic that we have seen in eastern Europe by the Russians,” Harper said. “In fact, we have actually seen the Russian government … actually operating within international rules.

“However, I don’t think – because of what’s happening elsewhere and because of what’s happened for many years now – we should be complacent about this.”

The monopoly-owned media assisted Harper by covering up what the Harper government is doing in the Arctic and the lies about Russia’s response to events in the Ukraine. The media permitted Harper to suggest that it is Russia which is militarizing, while Canada is defending peace. “Russia is busy rebuilding former Soviet-era military bases in its north, and has a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and icebreakers patrolling its waters. Russian planes have also tested the boundaries of Canadian airspace,” the National Post quotes Harper as saying.

“I just think we should not be complacent, because we have seen over the period that President Putin has been in power just a gradual growing in aggressiveness of his government toward neighbours and the gradual military assertiveness of that country, and I just think it’s something we should never be too at ease about,” he said. In fact, since Harper has been in power, we have witnessed increased spending on the military integration with the U.S. armed forces, increased presence of U.S. armed forces within Canada and the militarization of culture and civilian life. But none of this is mentioned and it is all about Russia.

“In Europe, we see the imperial ambitions of Vladimir Putin, who seems determined that, for Russia’s neighbours, there shall be no peace…,” Harper said.

“And because Russia is also Canada’s neighbour, we must not be complacent here at home.”

It shows that the need to oppose the U.S. imperialist disinformation of today is as great as it was to oppose the Nazi disinformation of yesteryear. It is part of opposing the reactionary thesis that humanity has reached the end of history. This end of history outlook deprives the peoples of the world of the consciousness they need to open society’s path to progress today.

The warmongering is accompanied by the attacks of the ruling circles in Canada and elsewhere on the workers and peoples fighting for their rights against the neoliberal anti-social offensive. It must not pass!

These crimes include the genocide against the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza. They include the actions of the U.S. and its allies and NATO forces to commit invasions, proxy wars and mass killings in sovereign countries to bring about regime change and to consolidate their domination of vast regions of the world. They resort to torture, blatant violation of rights and drone flights over civilian areas and through commercial airspace to terrorize and spy on the people, firing their deadly rockets in targeted assassinations and mass killings, interference in their internal affairs and armed invasions. Their special ops and mercenaries use chemical weapons, other banned weapons and commit criminal acts indiscriminately, and then blame their enemies targeted for regime change for the crimes and chaos for which the big imperialist powers are responsible. The anarchy, violence and crimes become pretexts to justify invasions and yet more atrocities. This is what the U.S. imperialists and their partners such as Canada, Britain and other NATO members are doing at the NATO Summit. The peoples of the world are sure to reject this.

If left unopposed, the lies and current warmongering spread deep anxiety as a result of feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and humiliation because the ruling circles are getting away with such terrible crimes that the peoples are left feeling powerless. To avert this they must step up their resistance struggle and defeat the ability of the rulers to do as they wish.

Our Future Lies in the Fight for the Rights of All! Let us take the necessary measures to defeat the activities of the anti-people forces on all fronts. Let us start by saying No! to the falsification of past history and today’s unfolding events, which aims to render us passive today, just as was attempted when the invasion of Poland took place 75 years ago. Never Again! means to take a stand against imperialism and its war crimes now, to defeat the falsification of the crimes of the Nazi aggressors of yesterday, and to honour the heroism and resistance of the peoples of the world. In World War Two the resistance struggle was waged under communist leadership and so too today Communist Parties are required which are capable of providing the strategy and tactics which defeat the U.S. imperialist striving for world domination, which is plunging Canada to commit war crimes and threatening to plunge the world into another cataclysmic war for the redivision of territories and strategic areas of influence, raw materials and cheap labour and zones for the export of capital.

All Out to Defeat Harper and Establish an Anti-War Government!
Canada Out of NATO! Dismantle NATO!



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