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Q. JD Irving promotes itself as creating a lot of jobs related to the amount of natural forest it is permitted to cut down and turn into tree farms. Does JDI create a lot of jobs for the allowable cut allotment it gets?

A.  Thanks for your question, and yes, there are jobs involved in our operations. Converting a natural wildlife habitat such as New Brunswick’s Acadian Forest into a tree farm for the private profit of JDI doesn’t happen on its own! But the more we are able to use industrial machines and other innovations, we’re able to reduce the number of jobs created. Truth be told, we don’t create very many jobs for the amount of wood we’re allowed to cut. In fact, New Brunswick has the worst record of any jurisdiction in the area for creating jobs from allowable cuts. And the recently released Crown Forest Strategy which offers JDI an even larger allowable cut further erodes the proficiency by which New Brunswick converts the destruction of its woodlands natural resources into jobs.

But you should know that the fewer jobs JDI creates per 1000 m3 of wood we to cut translates into higher private profit for the owners of JDI. And that’s something about which all New Brunswickers can be happy.

You can learn more about how few jobs we create for the wood we cut, not to mention how every other jurisdiction gets more jobs for the cut they allow hereherehere, and here.

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