Investigation into USAID subversion actions demanded in Peru

usaidLIMA — The Peru United Patriotic Alliance (APPU) – made up of various political groups, organizations, associations, civic fronts and social activists – demanded an extensive investigation be carried out into the subversive actions which took place in the country and were financed by USAID and other U.S. organizations.

The statement, recently released by APPU, is a response to the subversive and destabilizing actions involving the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), carried out against Cuba and other Latin American and Caribbean governments.

“Under the flags of foreign help they have implicated Peruvian citizens in subversive acts,” indicated the document. In addition the APPU reiterated its full support to Cuba’s right to self-determination and its revolutionary government.

USAID has recently been involved in notorious scandals – financing programs which used social media for subversive ends in Cuba, as well as recruiting young Latin Americans with the aim of provoking a regime change in the island.

Other governments in the region, such as those of Educator and Bolivia, have also repeatedly denounced USAID’s participation in interventionist political activities.



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