Sighting. The most useless stop sign in Ontario

most useless stop sign in Ontario

Ian Law – Stop signs have their place on our roads especially since we lack the more time and fuel-efficient roundabouts.

On our grid style roads with all the intersections we encounter, stop signs and traffic lights are important to regulate traffic flow. Even at that, motorists still screw up big time and drive right through stop signs or red lights usually with grave consequences.

It is always on my mind that “stop signs do not stop cars.” At each intersection I will always scan to watch for crossing traffic that may not be stopping. I never assume a stop sign will stop any crossing vehicles. No driver should. I am not a fan of stop signs and would prefer to see more roundabouts and motorists trained to use them.

Having said that, you can imagine my surprise when I came across what has to be the most useless stop sign in Ontario.

It is located at the north end of Concession Rd. 11 immediately west of the York-Durham Line just south of the 407 (see photo above).

It is probably a York Region road and maybe it has simply slipped off their radar.

As you drive west off of the York Durham Line at north end of Concession Rd. 11 it makes a left-hand 90 degree turn to head south toward Steeles Ave. At one time it was an intersection, but now the north end of Concession 11 is blocked off by barricades making this nothing more than a simple left-hand bend in the road.

Then why the stop sign for vehicles going south on Concession 11? Did York Region simply forget to remove it? Is it cheaper to leave it and inconvenience traffic while wasting fuel and increasing pollution?

Since this portion of the road is a simple 90 degree curve, the stop sign is certainly not required and most inconvenient.

I would be interested to hear if any readers have been ticketed for going through this stop sign without stopping.

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