Event. Demonstration in support of US Steel pensioners and employees

Ontario government must defend public right! No to U.S. Steel’s bankruptcy fraud!

Labour Day march in Hamilton, 2014

Labour Day march in Hamilton, 2014

Demonstrate outside Comeback Hearing and DIP Request

October 6, 2014, 10 a.m. • 330 University Avenue (Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List), Toronto

Join Steelworkers in a protest outside the Court hearing in Toronto. The hearing will, among other things, determine whether debter-in-possession (“DIP”) financing in the amount of $185 million, advanced to fund operations during the CCAA proceedings, will be approved, together with a “charge” on the assets of USSC to secure the DIP financing and certain other priority charges (together, the “Priority Charges”). The proposed Priority Charges would rank in priority to all security interests, trusts, liens, charges and encumbrances, claims of secured creditors, statutory or ottherwise, including any deemed trust created under the Pension Benefits Act.

To get a seat on the Local 1005 bus from Hamilton, call 905-547-1417 or sign-up
at the Union Hall at 350 Kenilworth Avenue North. Visit Local 1005 USW online @ http://www.uswa1005.ca.

Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council

For full information, see also on this website:

U.S. Steel files for bankruptcy protection – Steelworkers respond



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