Cuba criticizes attempts to legitimize the use of force

Geneva (Oct. 15) — The Cuban delegation attending the 131st Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly participated widely in the debates taking place at the legislative conference in Geneva.

In depth discussions were held between delegations from developed countries and those from the developing nations in the sessions of the Standing Committee on Democracy and Human Rights, with complex negotiations regarding a draft resolution for the Assembly on international law and its relationship with national sovereignty and non-intervention in the internal affairs of States.

During the day, in which 34 legislators intervened, the Cuban delegation headed by Yolanda Ferrer, President of the Commission of International Relations of the Cuban Parliament, condemned the ambitions of certain States who aim to legitimize the use of force and limit the sovereignty of States through initiatives that seek to advance a selective vision of human rights and democracy, whilst attempting to amend the rules of international law through their doctrines.

Examples of these double standards are the wars of conquest waged against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, the massacre that the Palestinian people have endured and the destabilizing actions against popular political processes in Latin America, the Cuban representatives added.

The Standing Committee on Peace and International Securityfocused its efforts on the role of parliaments in achieving a balance between national security, human security and individual freedoms.

Cuba noted that concepts such as “responsibility to protect” and “humanitarian intervention” are intended to be used in the above context in order to legitimize aggressive policies and military interventions, an approach that is not shared nor accepted by the Cuban Parliament.

The Cuban delegation argued that there can be no human security as long as the unsustainable model of production and consumption in the developed countries, restrictions on technology transfer and food insecurity continue to exist and unless the right to development is promoted as a priority.

The delegation added that the brutal blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba contradicts any paradigm of human security.

The Cuban member of parliament, Yolanda Ferrer, also participated in the meetings of the Executive Committee of the organization, in which the inclusion of an emergency item on the Assembly agendawas approved, regarding the role of the IPU and national parliaments in supporting the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Ferrer also held brief bilateral meetings with presidents of the parliaments of Uganda, the Maldives and Bangladesh. (SE)


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