The climate of terror

– Marxist-Leninist Party of Quebec (PMLQ) –

Since 2001, terrorism is not only a tragedy for the peoples but also a problem to be solved. Since 2001, the peoples of the world have had no respite, no rest. War and terrorism are multiplied to create a climate of terror in the country and on the world scene. Civilized norms between nations are thrown in the mud in favour of brute force. Anarchy is raised to authority in international relations.

It is the peoples of the world who are the victims of our governments, who lead our soldiers into dirty, unjust wars or in plots for regime change and who support U.S. imperialist domination. The same peoples of the world helplessly watch the destruction of forums like the United Nations by the perpetrators of war and chaos.

Today’s attacks in Ottawa must be denounced just as Harper’s politics and those of his ilk. Their War on Terror is a failure for the simple reason that terror, in all its forms – in particular state terror, is the weapon they use to advance their macabre plan.

Harper will hold a press conference shortly. Everyone knows what he will say. But despite the level of hysteria they attempt to create in the country, despite how they will try to politically and psychologically disorient the people, we must remain calm and not succumb to their hysteria. The Quebec people, the working class and youth must calmly discuss the situation. How did we get here? How to get out of this? The people are tired of not finding solutions. The same climate of terror is constantly repeated like a nightmare. It is up to the people to defend the modern definitions to international rights that will put on trial the accused who organize terrorist tragedies and commit crimes against the peace.

The soldiers who were victims of the attacks are the sons and daughters of the working people. Harper and his clique have no right to send them into dirty, shameful wars. In the coming days we will see the political forces in Ottawa rally behind Harper. One nation politics will reclaim all the space. Mulcair and Trudeau, who had taken “a cautious stance” toward the events of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and voted against the deployment in Iraq, will be pressured to line up behind the arbitrary measures.

Let us discuss with our co-workers and neighbours and amongst the youth and students, the necessity for an anti-war government in Canada. Let us together discuss the need to establish international relations based on respect, dignity, the sovereignty of peoples and their right to live in peace. Block Harper and the warmongers – it is the immediate need to guarantee the security of the people and their society.

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