Turkish delight: humanitarian aid

Turkish ambulance in Morek, Syria

Turkish ambulance in Morek, Syria | Al-Masdar News

Upon the capture of the strategic city of Morek last Wednesday, Oct. 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) discovered an ambulance that possessed Turkish license plates; it was stockpiled with weapons and ammunition. This is the second Turkish “ambulance” that has been discovered inside of Syria – the first being in the Armenian village of Kassab in northwestern Syria. According to Leith Fadel of Al-Masdar News, the ambulance was discovered along with a multitude of telecommunication devices inside dilapidated buildings of the city.

Morek, in the Hama Governorate, is significant as it is located on the main road linking the Syrian capital city, Damascus, to the country’s largest city of Aleppo in the northwest. It had been held by the al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra Front for some nine months.

The success is the latest gain in a string of victories against the terrorists fighting the Syrian government. In recent months, the SAA has been liberating a corridor of territory from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast, recapturing towns and villages along the main north-south highway, and in the mountainous Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon, with the aid of Hizbollah partisan fighters.

On Oct. 20, SAA recaptured the Mazra’at al-Halabi area and Madafeh Hill in Aleppo’s eastern countryside. The Syrian army is gaining the upper hand in more and more battles.

The advance of the Syrian forces and the crisis facing the subversive terrorist force, including battles between ISIS and al-Nusra, is one of the decisive reasons for the U.S. formation of its military coalition, with the aim of re-drawing a new map of the region, wrecking the societies of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, and crushing the resistance through Anglo-American firepower.

PressTV reports that recently members of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA), including a commander, based in the countryside of the Syrian capital Damascus, left the foreign-backed militant group to join the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The defectors said they had been deceived into taking part in the foreign-sponsored militancy against the Syrian people and government. They said that a large number of foreigners have joined the conflict in Syria during the past years. They further disclosed that weapons supplied to foreign-backed terrorists wreaking havoc in southern Syria had been smuggled into the Arab country through Jordan, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar paid for them.

Reports from inside the insurgency claim that the U.S. support has slowed to a trickle to the FSA, and to many groups simply ended, as the U.S. moves to the overt strategy of “no fly zone” and “humanitarian aid corridor” in order to strike directly at the Syrian air force and move its new desert army into the Syrian Arab Republic.

Senior Qatari officials are now admitting to the BBC that Qatar had provided support to “moderate groups”, in co-ordination with the CIA and other Western and Arab intelligence agencies. Qatar, an absolute monarchy governed by the Al-Thani family, is also believed to have links to the al-Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda affiliate, BBC said.

Many ISIL terrorists have also reportedly received training at the CIA bases in Jordan and Turkey. These regimes have actively supported the terrorists against Syria, providing them access to the vast border and supplies to continue their fight against the Syrian Arab Army and the YPG. The Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) has also benefitted from Turkish hospitality, as they continue to besiege the Kurdish village of Kobane (‘Ayn Al-‘Arab) in northern Aleppo, utilizing the border to launch mortar shells on YPG positions inside.

This support is with the full knowledge and backing of the US-NATO bloc, including the Canadian government, which prides itself on its alliance with the feudal Persian Gulf regimes, Zionist Israel and Egypt, and its own flow of “humanitarian aid” to “Syrian refugees.”

Israel is also proud to admit that it has provided medical treatment to over 1,450 terrorists, some of whom have been graced by a personal visit by Benjamin Netanyahu in a Zionist clinic. The “visit” was no secret: it was broadcast on Israeli TV.

With files from Leith Fadel of Al-Masdar News, and PressTV

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