Re-establishment of Cuba-US diplomatic relations: Long live revolutionary Cuba!

Cuban President Raúl Castro speech, December 17 on U.S.-Cuba relations.

Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist

On December 17, 2014, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would “end its outdated approach” and re-establish diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba which were severed in January 1961. In a historic reversal of past U.S. foreign policy Obama said that he had instructed John Kerry, Secretary of State, to take measures to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba. Some of the measures announced by the U.S. President included an immediate review of the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism and some easing of restrictions on travel and commerce and the flow of information. In addition the U.S. will ease restrictions on remittances, increasing the amount allowed to be sent to Cuban families to $2,000 every three months from the current limit of $500; and U.S. financial institutions will be allowed to have closer banking ties with Cuban banks.

President Obama stated that the “embargo” against Cuba is enforced through legislation and can only be changed by Congress but he committed to “engage with Congress to lift the embargo.”

The President also announced that the U.S. had released the three remaining members of the Cuban Five who had been imprisoned in the U.S. and that Cuba had released two prisoners, one on humanitarian grounds and another in return for the release of the three anti-terrorist fighters.

President Raúl Castro reiterated Cuba’s position. “The heroic Cuban people, in the wake of serious dangers, aggressions, adversities and sacrifices has proven to be faithful and will continue to be faithful to our ideals of independence and social justice. Strongly united throughout these 56 years of Revolution, we have kept our unswerving loyalty to those who died in defence of our principles since the beginning of our independence wars in 1868.”On this historic occasion, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) sends warmest greetings and congratulations to the Cuban Five and their families for their sacrifice, courage and revolutionary dedication to the cause of the Cuban people. We send revolutionary greetings to the historic leader of the Cuban revolution Comrade Fidel Castro, who declared 16 years ago in June 2001, “They Shall Return!” His single-minded dedication to the revolutionary interest of the Cuban people and the peoples of the world is imbued with a profound generosity and broad-mindedness. We are truly pleased the course Fidel set is vindicated in this historic change of U.S. policy towards Cuba and that the long years of unjust incarceration of the Cuban Five are over.

We send our revolutionary greetings to President Raúl Castro, who without flinching stuck to the principle that problems should be sorted out through dialogue, not force. We send revolutionary greetings to the Cuban people for whom the return of the five Cuban heroes and the removal of Cuba from the list of terrorist states and vindication of their right to be is a moment of profound collective joy and emotion. On this occasion we also salute the democratic and justice seeking forces in the United States and all over the world, of which our own peoples in Canada have stood second to none, for their dedication to this just cause which does not permit Resistance to be defeated.

Fabio di Celmo

Fabio di Celmo

We would like to specifically mention the members of  Fabio di Celmo’s family, the Canadian of Italian origin killed by a terrorist bomb in Havana in 1997. May they find peace as the struggle to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice makes headway and continues.

We also hail the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean for their courageous stand in support of Cuba’s right to self-determination and independence and against the U.S. striving for domination of the entire continent and their steadfast opposition to the practices of dirty wars, sabotage and coups d’etat. The stands of courageous leaders and the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean have dealt a mortal blow to U.S. attempts to isolate revolutionary Cuba. They have resulted instead in the complete isolation of the U.S. within Latin America and the Caribbean, to the extent that the April 2015 Summit of the Organization of American States (OAS) would not have taken place without the presence of Cuba. We stand firm against the attempts of the United States and Canada to isolate Venezuela and impose regime change on that country, and will fight for a consistent policy of dialogue and peace throughout Our America.

Finally, we recognize the contribution made by the outrage of humanitarian workers in Africa and within the entire UN system linked to economic, social and cultural rights who could no longer countenance or tolerate U.S. practices like the refusal to permit payment by UN agencies to Cuban doctors working against the Ebola pandemic in Africa because the U.S. listed Cuba as a terrorist state.

The profundity of the significance the changes to U.S. policy can bring to the people of Cuba will reveal themselves quickly. They have been living under the threat of U.S. invasion ever since they took power in their own interests in 1959. Many problems remain but this achievement is the proof that they can be resolved through negotiations and dialogue, not by resorting to violence, threats, state terrorism and so-called regime change. As President Castro said, “While acknowledging our profound differences, particularly on issues related to national sovereignty, democracy, human rights and foreign policy, I reaffirm our willingness to dialogue on all these issues.”

With this victory the Cuban people have made another advance in strengthening their country based on self reliance and putting the realization of the interests of the people as the guiding principle.

Long Live Revolutionary Cuba!

Cuban deputies greet President Castro’s speech on renewal of U.S.-Cuba relations.

(Photos: Minrex)


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