Who is to blame for Syria’s refugee problem?

The United Nations World Food Programme announced cuts to a voucher program that feeds 1.7 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt, citing a lack of funding.

Despite an emergency grant from the United States, many refugees were weighing their options and hoping for better news in the coming days. CCTV America’s Natalie Carney reported from Istanbul.

The Heat interviewed a panel of experts for more on the ongoing civil war in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis across the region including Bill Frelick, director of Human Rights Watch’s refugee program, and Joelle Eid, communications officer with the United Nations World Food Programme.

The Heat also interviewed Rafif Jouejati, spokeswoman for the network of activists known as the ‘Local Coordinating Committees in Syria,’ and Mahdi Nazemroaya, a research associate with the Center for Research on Globalization.


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