Iran unveils memorial to Jewish martyrs

Monument to Jewish Martyrs unveiled in Tehran on Monday

Monument to Jewish Martyrs unveiled in Tehran on Monday

It is fitting that the US and Canadian monopoly media would ignore this story, because it conflicts with their narrative of the so-called existential Israeli crisis of anti-semitism allegedly caused by the Islamic Republic of Iran:

“This week, Iran unveiled a memorial commemorating the lives of Jewish soldiers who died fighting for the country in the Iran-Iraq war. The monument, located in Tehran, has inscriptions in both Hebrew and Persian, and the ceremony remembered the fallen soldiers as ‘martyrs.’”

The ceremony on Monday, December 29 at the Jewish cemetery was attended by hundreds of dignitaries, most notably by Jewish members of the parliament. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) published a complete photo feature here.

The 8-year-old war, in which an estimated one million people perished, was incited by the U.S. immediately following the 1979 anti-imperialist revolution of the Iranian people.

The story also conflicts with the Zionist fiction that Jews are a nation, whose undivided allegiance is to the “Jewish state” of Israel. Iran is home to the second-largest community of Jews in the Middle East,

But what is also significant, according to The Angry Arab News Service, is that the anti-social media and media of clients of the United State in the Middle East have been attacking and mocking Iran for “honoring Jews”. Shu’on in Lebanon is funded by USAID. (This trash media just now published a disgusting story about the 16-year old daughter of Obama that she had an “illegitimate child.”) The anecdote illustrates how imperialists use religion and anti-semitism in a pragmatic and unprincipled manner to divide the peoples and make them the object of attack.

In Canada, Zonist poseur Liberal MP Irwin Cotler is one of the main disseminators of the disinformation that Iran is “anti-semitic” and which allegedly threatens to apocalyptically “wipe Israel off the face of the earth.” What is the aim of these lies and fabrications? In March 2012 Cotler brought forward a number of amendments to the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act – which was buried within Harper’s Omnibus Crime Bill C-10 misleadingly named the Safe Streets and Communities Act – that strengthened the agenda of the Harper government to go after states that do not submit to imperialist dictate, specifically Iran. These claims gave Harper the pretext. And so a dignified and solemn ceremony that gives the lie to these claims is simply not reported by the monopoly media in Canada.

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