Venezuela: Economic war unleashed by the United States

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(Dec. 23) – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced on December 22 the formation over the next few days of a high level task force to address the situation of the economy, and reiterated that the country will break the financial blockade to which it is being subjected.

Speaking from Miraflores Palace, the seat of government, where he met with the Political Command of the Bolivarian Revolution, he reiterated that Venezuela is being subjected to economic warfare and international financial persecution.

Risk agencies trying to prevent Venezuela access to international credit

Maduro condemned the fact that risk agencies are placing Venezuela in the highest risk category, in order to prevent its access to international credit.

Last week the Fitch agency cut Venezuela’s credit rating to triple C, given a possible default on payments.

The Venezuelan President also stated that a market war on oil exporting nations has been unleashed by the United States.

Flooding the markets with oil obtained via destructive technology

Referring to low oil prices, currently at US$50 per barrel, he said that this was the result of flooding the markets with oil obtained via destructive technology, such as fracking.

Despite this, he said, “Venezuela will meet all its international commitments and maintain the pace of its investments directed at economic and social development.”

“We are going to break the financial blockade,” Maduro insisted, while calling for a response from “all sectors of the country which want to work within the context of the Constitution in order to produce and build the homeland.”

Source: Maduro: Economic war unleashed by the United States  Granma Daily

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