France: Rabid demonization of popular resistance as ‘terrorism’

Coupled with the unprecedented ramping-up of a generalized atmosphere of anarchy and violence as we have seen in France this week, is the rabid demonization of popular resistance as “terrorism” – especially in major zones of military conflict across wide swaths of the Middle East. It has never been more imperative to continue categorically condemning actual terrorist acts such as the attack on Charlie Hebdo while differentiating such outrages from acts of just and necessary popular resistance as seen in Palestine.

There have been a number of attentats similar to those in Paris in the UK over the last several months, including the slaughter in broad daylight of a serving soldier near his base in the East End of London. Government and the media there routinely hype each of these events as “Islamic terrorism” to confound the legitimate resistance struggles with revenge-seeking and acts of random terror.

This week there is the chaos in France with three distinct incidents following the attack on Charlie Hebdo — one at a Kosher grocery store, one near Charles de Gaulle airport and one near the Eiffel Tower. The authorities closed Paris’ ring road, equivalent to closing the 401 through Toronto. Amongst other objectives, that act seems aimed at isolating the biggest of the Muslim suburbs from “proper Frenchmen” inside the arrondissements.

A few weeks ago we saw the incidents at St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Ottawa being used to hype up an entire atmosphere of anarchy, violence and uncertainty. In Quebec in the wake of this week’s Paris events, there has been a renewed demonizing of “Muslims” as evil outsiders. The U.S. and Canadian establishment are up to something very dark. Many are losing their bearings completely.

We condemn the latest terrorist outrages. We condemn governments and their stooges deliberately mixing up terrorism and acts of just and necessary popular resistance such as the Gazans’ resistance to Israeli aggression. Regardless of their claims to be interested in protecting freedom of speech, those governments and their agencies have been fuelling the general atmosphere of anarchy and violence, and are to be condemned first and foremost for such incitements.

Source: TML Weekly Information Project, January 10, 2015, No. 2

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