The fruits of Western civilization

Delays in reconstruction leave tens of thousands of Palestinians without shelter in enclave devastated By Israeli armed forces

A Palestinian boy looks through a covered window in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Palestinians gather around fire as they warm themselves inside their damaged apartment in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Friday, Jan. 9, 2015. Photo by AP

Two infants and one man died due to the intense cold weather in the Gaza Strip over the weekend, Palestinian health services reported on Saturday.

The victims’ families blamed the deaths on delays in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, devastated in last summer’s war, for leaving tens of thousands of people without adequate shelter during the rain and cold.

One of the infants, four-months-old girl Ghahef Abu Aasi, was living with her family in a building partly destroyed by Israeli bombings during the war. The child’s father said it was impossible to heat the house. “Suddenly she turned blue and stopped breathing, and we were helpless,” the father said.

The family of the other infant, one-month-old boy Aadel Lakham, has been residing in a caravan since their home was bombed during the war. The family had no way to ward off the cold, and the child stopped breathing and died.

Later, the Palestinians also reported that a 22-year-old fisherman died of heart failure caused by severe cold while at work, fishing.

About 100,000 buildings or structures were damaged in the 50-day-long war between Israel and the Palestinian factions of the Gaza Strip last summer. The UN says this includes over 18,000 housing units that were entirely destroyed.


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2 responses to “The fruits of Western civilization

  1. So sad that there have been virtually no expressions of urgency to help the Palestinians and people in similar dangerous living conditions coming from the world’s leaders.


    • None whatsoever. These “world leaders” have charted a course against humanity.

      One of the features of the crises in France and Ukraine is that these two countries in 2014 were the greatest source of Jewish immigrants to Israel, who are to be “settled” on Palestinian land. “Immigration from France to Israel this year will be more than double that from the United States, according to preliminary Jewish Agency figures.Based on the current pace, the number of French Jews making aliyah could top 7,000 this year.”

      Today I read an article from Beirut wherein the Iraqi government charged that the US Coalition against Islamic State had slowed down and diminished the delivery of military supplies it needs to combat the terrorists who, by all accounts, are funded by NATO and its Arab footmen. Meanwhile Sen McCain is championing the overthrow of the Syrian government, which is fighting the terrorists, and which means the destruction of Syria.


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