France: Dubious comparisons

In the days since the attacks in France, the monopoly media and the likes of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard have been making questionable links between terrorists and freedom and resistance fighters. In the context of the events in France, they have tried to connect French resistance fighters against the Nazi occupation during the Second World War, such as national hero Jean Moulin, with the “resistance” of the West to “Islamic obscurantism.” U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry did so in his speech in Washington, delivered in French. The widely circulated newspaper Libération made this the front page headline in its Saturday, January 10 edition.

The dubious comparison of the glorious French resistance to the Nazis with the current era of irrational horror and permanent anarchy has only one aim: to unite the French nation and “the West” behind the imperialists’ wars of occupation and striving for world domination. It is the blatant but unstated aim of all the current propaganda, as can be seen with the insertion of NATO leaders and the likes of the Zionist Prime Minister Netanyahu at the head of the so-called Republican demonstration in Paris on January 11.

These dubious comparisons in reports on the events in Paris pertain to what constitutes freedom of the press. The old adage from the Renaissance that the pen is mightier than the sword is being used, except that it is not pens which are raining down on the peoples of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Palestine. The pens of cartoonists who demand the freedom to attack the religious beliefs of millions of people worldwide are compared to the pens of fighters for enlightenment and science. The terrorists’ bombs are compared to the guns of the Royal Guard of the French monarchy. In fact, it can be said that such pens contribute a great deal to enabling the bombs which are raining down on the peoples of the countries targeted for “regime change,” turning the world upside-down instead of making way for new relations amongst peoples and nations.

Since the attacks of January 7, the monopoly media keep repeating that terrorists must not be equated with Muslims in general. The governments of imperialist powers, as well as those of Canada and Quebec, want to appear anti-racist, however they are racist to the core. A French Muslim woman had this to say on a French radio station: “You say we should not put everything into the same mix, but you have been forcing people to do just that for years. You keep talking about radicalized people who have converted to Islam instead of talking about people who have converted to terrorism. That’s the mess you’re always creating.”

Source: TML Weekly Information Project


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