Africa Called, Cuba Answered: Ebola, the Cuban Revolution and African Liberation


12 February at 7pm in UTC-04

Room 1016, Kenneth Rowe Building, Dalhousie University, 6100 University Avenue, Halifax

Public Lecture by Dr. Isaac Saney, Cuba specialist

In 2014, the small island nation of Cuba responded without hesitation to the Ebola epidemic in the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia & Sierra Leone. The Cuban medical mission is by far the largest sent by any country. Standing side-by-side with the peoples of West Africa, 461 Cuban doctors and nurses – chosen from more than 15,000 volunteers — have gone to West Africa and joined the struggle against Ebola. Havana’s contribution is to be contrasted with that of Washington, which dispatched thousands of soldiers, instead of more desperately needed healthcare personnel and resources.

At the September 16, 2014 meeting of the United Nations Security Council, Cuban representative Abelardo Moreno declared: “Humanity has a debt to the African people. We cannot let them down.”

Saney will explore the history and impressive dimensions of the Cuban Revolution’s solidarity with Africa. Saney is the co-chair and National Spokesperson for the Canadian Network on Cuba. He is the author of the widely acclaimed book, Cuba: A Revolution in Motion (Zed, 2004).

Organized by the JRJ Chair of Black Canadian Studies, Dalhousie University.



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