US, Cuba agree to continue talks for the restoration of relations

Both delegations agreed that this step is part of a long and complex process

Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, director general of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba | Roberto Suárez

Juventud Rebelde (Jan. 22 ) – After the end of the round of talks dedicated to the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States held in the Conference Center of Havana, the heads of the respective delegations made ​​statements to the press in which they agreed that this is a step made initial in a long and complex process, and noted differences not undermined respectful, professional and constructive atmosphere in which they were developed, as described Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, director general of the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba.

The Cuban side reiterated its willingness to continue based on the principles of sovereignty and reciprocity in terms of respect for political, economic and social system chosen by our countries and committed to improving the climate for further normalizing bilateral relations dialogue.

Stated the head of the Cuban delegation to the restoration of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies should be based on international law, the UN Charter and the Vienna Conventions.

For Cuba, he said, this also means avoiding any form of interference in internal affairs.No one can expect to improve relations Cuba relinquish its principles. This is to establish civilized relations between two countries that have deep differences but can coexist.

Said the Cuban diplomat that can be identifying opportunities to find areas of common interest beneficial for our country, the region and the world.

Although steps are taken for the opening of the respective embassies and have to formality, talks in this regard will continue shortly. He said Josefina Vidal would be difficult to explain that have resumed intercourse while our country remains on the list of countries that support terrorism and also discussed in the dialogue concerns that the banking situation of our mission in Washington is resolved.

In the second part of the meeting should discuss these issues, and reiterated that the whole process will be long and complex, require work by both parties and will have to resolve complex issues, he said, in our case it will be necessary to lift the blockade for standardization relations .

The head of the Cuban delegation acknowledged the willingness of US President to maintain a serious and honest debate with the US Congress to lift the blockade.

Passing a major objective

Meanwhile, the head of the US delegation to the talks with Cuba told reporters that the restoration of relations is only one step in a larger goal.

Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Department of State of the United States, Roberta Jacobson said of the talks for the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations that the first session “has been a positive and productive dialogue”.

We have discussed, in concrete and real terms, the measures to be taken to restore diplomatic relations between our countries. We have discussed the opening of embassies and how we expect to operate the US Embassy in Havana, the official said.

Jacobson said that the new regulations announced by the Departments of Finance and Commerce of the United States last week show the many actions taken by the United States to implement the commitments of the US president with future new direction to be taken by the policy of that country to Cuba.

The normalization of relations will be a very long process and will not be limited to establish relationships or opening embassies he stated, but today we have taken new steps in this new direction.

When asked by a reporter about the real political obstacles to the process, considering the differences, the US representative said that the restoration of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies is only part of the normalization of relations between the two countries.

“No list or a model (to restore relations). It is made by mutual agreement between the two countries and is a fairly straightforward process, not very complex, which is the reason why it will have to address other issues as part of this process of normalization.These issues range of standardization themselves are complex and reflect the profound differences between our countries and will continue to be debated, as you said the president (Obama), “said Assistant Secretary of the Department of State.

The diplomat acknowledged that the presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro have decided to overcome more than 50 years of a relationship “that was not based on trust, then there are issues to discuss, therefore will lead to out further talks. ”

Jacobson listed among topics to be discussed matters of personnel, facilities, diplomatic shipments … that must be solved before it can restore diplomatic relations, said.

The official acknowledged that the two sides were very clear in that the Vienna Convention, “that guides our diplomatic relations with all countries” and should guide the restoration of our bilateral diplomatic relations, “although it may not answer all questions regarding a peculiar relationship we have had in the past. ” He said that, obviously, this will be the instrument under which conducted diplomatic relations, principle on which there is agreement with the Cuban side.

Jacobson said he was unable to say when the embassy will be opened. “We are working in the best possible way, the quickest way, and we will do when we can solve all the problems we have to address,” he said.

As has been characteristic since the beginning of this process, the assistant secretary reiterated his Government considerations regarding human rights in Cuba.

“The issue remains central to our discussions. We have been very clear that we will continue bringing up the subject; We have addressed today. We want to ensure address this issue directly with the Cuban government. We have deep differences on the issue with the Cuban government but were part of the talks today, “concluded Roberta Jacobson.

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