Harper government’s extremism: Despicable attempts to make communism the main enemy of Canadians

Falsification of History to Smash the People’s Ability to Unite in Action for Nation-Building Today

The Harper Government is hell-bent on creating as many anti-communist memorials as possible before the end of Harper’s term as Prime Minister. The abominable memorial to the so-called 100 million victims of communism is just one example.

As well as agreeing to provide public funds to build that project, the government has run rough-shod over established Canadian institutions to give pride of place to a monument which imposes a private extremist view of the world and makes this official policy. All of this is done in a manner that offends the many sectors of society which do not share its world view or interpretation of history. This is not governance. It is extremism. No society can survive on the basis of being taken over by extremist views and practices. This is a matter of profound concern.

It would not be surprising if the timing of the next federal election is linked to how soon this despicable anti-communist monument can be built. According to current plans, all stops are being pulled out to have it ready by Fall 2015. Harper will want his project built before the present fixed election date on October 19, in case he does not win another term, as that might risk the monument being canned. Unless, of course, the government concocts a high falutin’ reason to postpone the election and uses its majority in the Parliament to push beyond October 19.

But no matter when the election is called, getting this monstrosity built within the announced time-frame means the Harper government will have to continue to defy the opposition to it. The public funding of this project is already a scandal. The private anti-communist organization behind the project has been incapable of raising the required funds because the project has no popular support. This is why the government stepped in to bridge the gap, opening the strings of the public purse. The cost has already risen to $5.5 million, from the initial projection of $1.5 million and there are estimates that it could go to even more than $12 million. Even that is probably an underestimation given the modern technology and materials required. Whatever the case may be, Canadians can expect the government to pay whatever it costs to make sure the project is completed.

Site for anti-communist monument.

Furthermore, the Harper dictatorship is placing the monument on land designated for a Federal Court building way back in the 1920s, a designation which has been a part of the “Long Term Vision and Plan” established by the National Capital Commission (NCC) and its predecessors. This shines more light on the corrupt practices in which the government is engaged. The contempt with which Harper and his ministers treat the NCC and other institutions becomes all the more egregious given how some of these institutions have usurped authority over matters they know nothing about. For instance, the appointed members of the Board of Directors of the NCC have no expertise to evaluate the spurious claim made by the private organization sponsoring this project, endorsed by the Prime Minister, that 100 million people died because of communism. On the basis of what authority are they entitled to assign land belonging to the National Capital Commission for such a monument, let alone such a prime location which, furthermore, contains  institutions which define the country?

Even Canada’s most liberal establishment is describing the monument as brutal and anti-Canadian and regards its placement within the complex housing institutions that define Canada as being beyond the pale.

Clearly the attempt by Harper’s handlers to portray him and his government as representative of mainstream Canadian opinion has fallen apart. Scandal will pile on scandal unless the government comes to its senses before it is too late.

Otherwise, from here on in, what Canadians can expect to see is an ever more brutal dictate and abuse of public money and the state institutions to impose this government’s extremist will. This could even go beyond the next election if predicted attempts to micro-manipulate the election result succeed.

It must not pass! Canadians from all walks of life have every reason to speak out against what the Harper government is doing on this and all other fronts.

Source: TML Weekly Information Project, February 7, 2014


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