March 8 – International Women’s Day 2015

All Out to Uphold the Rights of Women! Join In! For Calendar of Events across Canada, see here

Women in the front ranks of the demand for Renewal


On March 8, women and their allies will be holding actions to mark International Women’s Day, an important occasion to affirm that women have rights by virtue of their womanhood as well as all the other rights which belong to them as members of society said to be based on equal rights, human rights, citizenship rights, minority rights, civil rights, etc.

2014.02.14.Toronto-MissingWomensMemorial-032015 marks the 104th anniversary of the declaration of March 8 as International Women’s Day. Today, even though women’s rights are recognized in law, this same recognition is contradicted by all the other laws which permit the exploitation of women and children on the altar of capital and which make them “fair game” for violence of all kinds. The Prime Minister of Canada himself said that the more than 1,000 cases of unresolved missing and murdered women in Canada is not high on his “radar.” His law and order campaigns to recognize “victims of crime and violence” do not include women whose crisis shelters and social supports have been shut down while women continue to be the first targeted by the ever worsening economic, social and cultural conditions.

At a time when Canadians are grappling with economic insecurity, the erosion of public authority and attacks on the rights of all, women continue to stand in the front ranks of the fight against austerity agendas and for a new direction for the economy and the renewal of the political process. The essence of their demands is for the people to be able to exercise control over the decisions that affect their lives.

For women, it means to provide themselves and society with a modern public authority that ensures everything they need to fully participate in economic, social, political and cultural life. It means providing women’s collective rights with a constitutional guarantee. Women are the champions of ending the old social relations which depend on exploitation of persons by persons based on gender, race, nationality, social status, religious and political belief.

How a society defends and empowers women and the most vulnerable reveals the extent that it can be called modern and progressive. The conditions faced by women across Canada, in the workplace, in public, in the family, at home and in places of education show that profound change is necessary. The determination of women to expose and resist all affronts to themselves and their fellow workers and families forms the backbone of the movement in Canada to bring the necessary change about.

Nova Scotia nurses picket in defence of their rights and the safety of patients, April 3, 2014.

Nova Scotia nurses picket in defence of their rights and the safety of patients, April 3, 2014.

In all the provinces, territories and Quebec, women have been at the forefront in the fight against health care restructuring to pay the rich and the privatization of healthcare and education under the hoax of imposing austerity agendas which take away the right to bargain freely conditions of work and freedom of association. Indigenous women are joined by women across the country to demand nation-to-nation relations between Canada and the Indigenous peoples and an end to colonial violence and poverty. Women are in the forefront of the fight to humanize the natural and social environment against the nation-wrecking of the Harper government, including manufacturing, the public postal service and all public services and to defeat the Harper government in this year’s federal election

On this occasion, Renewal Update salutes the women of Canada, Quebec and the First Nations, and pledges to stand alongside them in the fight for rights and dignity. All out for International Women’s Day!

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