Defend the Bolivarian Revolution and Venezuela’s Right to Be!

Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) condemns latest U.S. sanctions against Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) condemns the hostile statements made by U.S. President Barack Obama against Venezuela. On March 9, Obama used emergency executive powers to label Venezuela as “an extraordinary threat to US national security.” The U.S. has also tightened unjust and illegal sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Canada is also part of U.S. attempts to stir up counter-revolution and several failed attempts to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Nicolás Maduro.

Obama’s statement is as hypocritical as it is hysterical. Every day, all over the world, the U.S. acts as judge, jury and executioner to declare who poses a danger to U.S. national interests and engage in selective assassinations, kidnappings, torture and invasions. The U.S. incarcerates the greatest number of people in the world, especially Hispanics and African Americans, and is known for abusing due process as well as police killings of black youth with impunity and many other crimes it commits against humanity. But it accuses the Venezuelan government of “human rights abuses against anti-government protesters.” Besides which, Venezuela has invaded nobody and poses no danger to the United States.
In fact it is the Venezuelan Government, faced with repeated attacks against its sovereignty, which has consistently upheld the rule of law. All those arrested for criminal offences linked to violent destabilization efforts will have fair trials.

History has shown that since the election of President Hugo Chávez by an overwhelming majority in 1998, Venezuela has been under continuous illegal, hostile and increasingly aggressive activities of the so-called opposition backed by U.S. imperialism.

The Venezuelan people have firmly faced the most vicious form of foreign interference. Time and again they have defended the Bolivarian Revolution and thwarted every attempt of the U.S. and its agents to reverse the great achievements of the people since 1998.

CPC(M-L) is convinced that the latest desperate actions of President Obama will again fail to block the people from defending and developing their Bolivarian nation-building project which is based on putting the people’s well-being and dignity in the first place. The destabilization efforts are intended to hurt the people so that they turn against their President and revolutionary process. They will face the difficulties and the reactionaries will again be defeated.

The day after the imposition of Obama’s sanctions President Nicolás Maduro announced that, “Venezuela is preparing to draft an anti-imperialist law to prepare for all scenarios.”

CPC(M-L) demands that the illegal sanctions which violate the sovereignty and right of the Venezuelan people to chart their own path be immediately withdrawn and that Canada not participate in this reactionary campaign which violates Venezuelan sovereignty. CPC(M-L) calls on its forces across the country and on all Canadians to make every effort to make sure that the historic achievements of the Venezuelan people are defended in Canada.

Obama Stop Sanctions Now!
Victory to the Bolivarian Revolution of the Venezuelan People!


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