‘We’re not cattle’: Ukrainian protesters throw manure at US embassy

“It’s obvious that American embassy in Kiev is guarded much better than other governmental buildings, because the US Embassy is the main institute of power in Ukraine.”protestUSKiev

News commentary by TONY SEED (Revised April 6, 7)

The mass protest of the Ukrainian people against the U.S. embassy in Kiev on April 1st raises fundamental questions. One of them is that U.S. embassies everywhere are the internal base of operations to subvert the national and sovereign interests of the host country or neighbouring countries – be Venezuela, Syria or Iraq, Mexico or Canada, Georgia or Ukraine – for self-serving interests. From these huge complexes (see photo above), the operations are mounted to subvert and alter the internal politics of the targeted countries in favour of the foreign policy and national security objectives of the U.S. empire. The political officer or counsellor of the U.S. embassies in the world is usually an officer of the CIA or another U.S. intelligence service. It is from the massive U.S. embassy in Kiev and not the stage of the Maidan that the colour-coded blue-and-yellow “revolution of dignity” was launched just over one year ago.

For example, more recently, within the U.S. embassy the American Ambassador Jeffrey Pyatt personally brokered the armed stand off in Kiev between the two oligarchs, President Petro Poroshenko and Ihor Kolomoisky, resulting in Kolomoisky’s humiliating resignation as governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province) in Central Ukraine.

Kolomoisky’s bounty – $10,000 for a Moskal, an ethnic slur referring to Russians used in Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

Kolomoisky’s bounty – $10,000 for a Moskal (an ethnic slur referring to Russians used in Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland) – $30 million for Kolomoisky

Kolomoisky is owner of the Privat Group of banking, oil and gas and media companies; the holder of three passports (Israeli, Cyprus, Ukraine); resident of Switzerland; an extreme Zionist; warlord and the funder of the major private death battalions launched in the ATO against Eastern Ukraine; and includes on his payroll Hunter Biden, son of U.S. Vice-president Joe Biden. According to the rating of Ukrainian Forbes, Poroshenko ranks sixth among the richest Ukrainians and manages assets worth $1.3 billion.

On March 22 Kolomoisky had deployed armed guards to Kiev in an unsuccessful bid to privatize the state-owned Ukrnafta, a public gas and oil enterprise in which he had substantial shares. According to one account, the factional “war of the oligarchs” was ended, albeit temporarily, when Pyatt “told Kolomoisky to come to the embassy where he told him in no uncertain terms who was the boss in Ukraine.”

Subsequently Interfax-Ukraine reported that the National Bank of Ukraine granted Kolomoisky’s Privatbank a new stabilization loan of UAH 695 million or some $30 million on April 2nd. PrivatBank has 26 per cent of all deposits of individuals of the banking system and 15 per cent of assets of the banking system. NBU, a credit institution, “is the largest bank in Ukraine and the bank has specialized saving bank status (the share of individuals’ funds is over 50 per cent of the bank’s liabilities).”

On April 5, Vesti reported that Kolomoisky had been granted a limited travel visa to the USA, despite a ban imposed in 2008 on charges of bribing courts, extortion of foreign partners and money laundering, while his family received a ten-year visa. The NBU is the largest bank in Ukraine and the bank has specialized saving bank status (the share of individuals’ funds is over 50 per cent of the bank’s liabilities).

2,500 protest at the U.S. embassy

Life News reports:

About two and a half thousand Ukrainians surrounded the US embassy in Kiev on the first of April. 

People who disagreed with the appointment of foreigners to the Ukrainian government, as well as the intervention of the Americans and Europeans in the public administration of the country, holding banners saying “We are not cattle!” And they made sounds imitating animals.

Offguardian reports:

“Besides the protesters braying and bleating, they were eating cabbage, which was distributed by the organizers of the protest. They also kept two-metre carrots with the symbols of the European Union. By the end of the demonstration of dissent, Kiev residents pelted the US embassy with manure.

It is noteworthy that the video from the protest was removed from all the Ukrainian sites and users were blocked. Local journalists hardly covered the event.

Report by drcollins (user blog at Telegraph):

The phrases “We are not cattle!” on the posters were written in four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English and Polish. Also people unrolled the big slogan with the quote of one famous Ukrainian writer Panas Mirny “Do oxen roar when the rack is full?”

For 2 hours, from 12 a.m. till 2 p.m. people were mooing and bleating in protest against the transformation of the Ukrainians into beasts by means of prices and rates increase, lowering salaries and standards of living, and banning freedom of speech and opinion. Mooing is the only thing people can do not to be arrested by the current government. But even despite these safety measures many people received physical threats from guarding US embassy right-wing radicals and USC officers.

The representative of the Embassy came to the picketing people and asked what they wanted. The answer was mooing and eloquent posters.

At the end of the picket a few activists began to throw the thing that beasts have enough – excrements at the plate of the Embassy. Several USC officers came up to them threatening by arresting and transferring to the nearest police buses.

The Ukrainian mass media headed by the Ministry of Propaganda of Ukraine ignored such an action and the information about this protest was blocked. Even bloggers who tried to place this information were instantly blocked (for example, Maxim Ravreba and Anatoly Sharij – he’s ready to give an interview on such theme, Anatoly was shocked, 2 minutes after placing the material the YouTube account was blocked).

Complete blockade, both forced and information is obvious. It’s obvious that American embassy in Kiev is guarded much better than other governmental buildings, because the US Embassy is the main institute of power in Ukraine.

This is not exceptional. According to an e-mail from a colleague, a Ukrainian TV producer, all the norms regarding reporting have been rewritten according to American formulae. A mass demonstration on March 13 outside the Verhovna Rada of pensioners and students against the savage cuts in pensions was followed by a televised interviews with a boy claiming that everyone had been paid to protest by some woman. The TV then showed a purported scene of some individuals approaching an unidentified woman to receive the money, staged doubtlessly by Ukrainian intelligence. Such protests only favour “our enemy” was the message – the old CIA Cold War lie that all dissent is financed by “Moscow Gold.” *

Ukraine conscripts 800 striking miners as it buys coal from South Africa

Coal miners block Lviv-Kovel interregional highway in Northwestern Ukraine in March

Coal miners block Lviv-Kovel interregional highway in Northwestern Ukraine in March | Vesti

It is now clear that the “revolution of dignity” is not directed against “Russian seperatists” and “terrorists” but the people of Ukraine and that the Poroshenko regime is using “anti-terrorism” to attack the rights and well-being of working people throughout the country.

Social unrest is not confined to Novorossia or Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian coal miners from the western region are threatening to march on Kiev, demanding months of unpaid wages and subsidies from the budget.

Ten thousand miners went on indefinite strike at the beginning of the year; none of the mines of Volhynia are working (part of the workers already went on strike in Kiev). The miners blocked highways several times this winter to protest government policies, which does not finance the mines but instead wants to close them. In order to reduce government expenditures to meet IMF requirements, it is not paying coal miners’ salaries. According to Russia Insider, this is despite the weak hryvnya that makes Ukrainian coal very competitive internationally, the closure of coal powerplants due to a shortage of coal, and a government that is buying imported coal from South Africa.

Early last month, eight hundred rebellious miners received notices directly from military commissars, who delivered them to the coal mines, to be inducted into the army. According to the deputy mayor of Novovolynsk, Eduard Savik, the notices were delivered to coal mines no. 1 and no. 9 in Novovolynsk, which the state is planning to close. That’s where the majority of rebellious miners are employed.

“They are taking revenge for strikes – they decided to simply draft the rebels. Many of my comrades who were blocking highways and were preparing to picket the Ministry of Energy and the Cabinet of Ministers, received draft notices,” says Aleksey, a miner from Novovolynsk. “This is even worse than the 1990s. There was hunger, but there was no war. Now it’s total chaos.”

Sputnik news agency provides information on extent of the regime’s anti-social offensive due to the U.S. and IMF dictat:

  • From April 1, housing and utilities fares for the residents of Ukraine will increase considerably, due to the conditions of the IMF for the provision of financial assistance to the country.
  • Thus, according to the local media, the gas tariffs are to be increased by 285 per cent, with a minimum cost of 3,600 hryvnas ($153) per 1,000 cubic metres .
  • The tariffs for the heating are set to rise by 73 per cent and for hot water – by 55-57 per cent.
  • The tariffs for electricity are to rise by 3.5 times from April 1, 2015 until March 1, 2017.

Witch-hunt for “social separatists” launched in Slavyansk

Meanwhile the Ukrainian authorities in the city of Slavyansk have set out to find “social separatists” in the area. They started handing out leaflets (pictured here) to local residents to help identify who they are looking for. Local residents are advised to inform on those who match the guidelines set out in the leaflet. Amongst other valuable advice, the guidelines offer the following information: “Separatists are those who campaign against mobilization or who are waiting for Putin to arrive. The punishment is imprisonment from 7 to 12 years.”

Martial law

On April 3, Poroshenko submitted a draft law on legal procedures for introducing a martial law to the Verkhovna Rada, the parliament said on its website. According to TASS, the document stipulates rules for introducing and lifting martial law in the country. “A martial law is a special legal regimen that can be introduced in Ukraine or in parts of its territory in case of a military aggression or a threat of attack, a danger for Ukraine’s state independence and territorial integrity,” the draft law says. A martial law can be introduced after the Verkhovna Rada approves a relevant presidential decree, it said.

“Besides, the draft law stipulates that vital facilities of the national economy are to be taken under intensified protection, all able-bodied individuals not engaged in the defense sector are to be bound by a labour duty, property of individuals and communities is to be alienated by force, a curfew is to be introduced, free movements of people are to be restricted and peaceful rallies, gatherings and demonstrations are to be forbidden.”

According to a memorandum to the bill, “measures on the legal regime of martial law include internment (forced settlement) of nationals of a foreign state which threatens to attack or carries out aggression against Ukraine.” This conceivably can be applied to the residents of Crimea which NATO vows to retake in order to monopolize the Black Sea as an American lake. On January 27, the Ukrainian parliament adopted a bill recognizing Russia as an aggressor country.

Such is the U.S. blue-and-gold “revolution of dignity” unleashing a Pandora’s Box of counter-revolution, chaos and destruction that the Ukrainians seem to be rejecting. All the claims that Obama and Harper make about being the defender of freedom, democracy, rule of law and independence in Ukraine and of their own anti-semitism are false. Their arrogance, jingoism and fear-mongering is self-serving. The collective security of Ukrainians depends on their fight for the rights of all.


*Pro-Russia websites are also recycling the old Hitlerite line brought forward by Anthony Sutton that the Bolsheik Revolution was financed by “Jewish Wall Street bankers and industrialists.” See Joe Quinn, The Rise of Russia and the ‘End of the World’, March 20, 2015, Sott.net

With files from offguardian and Russian Insider via Global Research

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