Summit of the Americas: New evidence of US subversive ‘civil society’ methods against Cuba

We want to inform the international public of new evidence of the servile nature of the mercenaries of Cuban origin, accredited to attend the Civil Society Forum of the 7th Summit of the Americas.

Manuel Cuesta Morúa, Laritza Diversent and Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna, in addition to opposition groups from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina, were summoned to a meeting with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Michael Kozak, and U.S. Ambassador to Panama, Jonathan Farrar, in order to convey instructions and organize actions on how to act in regards to the legitimate representation of Cuban Civil Society, present at the event.

They were instructed to publicly support the policy change toward Cuba, which Barack Obama’s administration has begun to implement. They were instructed to not to express support for the position of the extreme right of Miami, which opposes the presence of Cuba at the Summit and the process of reestablishing diplomatic relations between both countries.

Farrar instructed them to participate in the event in order to reinforce the idea of a supposed consensus among Cuban dissident organizations and insisted that they avoid confrontations and achieve extensive media visibility, which would grant them legitimacy as “credible opposition.”

Farrar and Kosack warned them that their behavior during the Summit would depend upon if they are to be acknowledged as representatives of a future Cuban civil society in the “post-Castro era.”

They regretted that due to the indiscretion of a young Argentine girl, participant in the Youth Forum, the details of financing provided by the U.S. Department of State to train the anti-Cuban delegation was leaked to the press. However, they promised the mercenaries that President Barack Obama would hold a meeting with some of them at the end of his visit to Panama.

The “chosen ones” would be those who comply fully with instructions and could impress the U.S. president. They also explained to them that mercenary José Daniel Ferrer had received instructions to carry out acts of provocation in Cuba and, according to the authorities, fuel the defamation campaign against our country. Both Farrar and Kosack were heads of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana and know the nature of these individuals. Farrar is the author of various cables revealed by Wikileaks, which demonstrate the negative estimation of these mercenaries from their own leaders. We ask that the participants in the People’s Summit disseminate this denouncement via all available means.

Source: Granma


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