Make the April 18 Day of Action Against Bill C-51 a success!

Mi'kmq in NS v Harper.2

Indian Brook Sipekne’katik First Nation in Nova Scotia

With only two days to go to the Saturday, April 18 Day of Action against Bill C-51, actions have been announced in no less than 31 Canadian cities. All this week actions are being held to educate and mobilize people for the Day of Action. Significant turnouts are expected based on the broad enthusiasm to keep up the fight.


Many demonstrations on the March 14 Day of Action were organized a mere day or two before the fact and so too people are using these last days to go all out to inform people about Bill C-51 and its serious repercussions on the polity.

On Tuesday, letters were submitted to local papers across the country calling for the bill to be scrapped. Dozens of examples of published letters can be found on OpenMedia’s letters to the editor page here

On Wednesday and Thursday the offices of Members of Parliament were flooded with e-mails and phone calls demanding they vote against the bill. The aim of the week of education was to express the mass opposition to Bill C-51 in as many forms as possible and show MPs that Canadians will neither accept nor be silent about the bill and in this regard it was a success.

As a longtime journalist and participant in political affairs in our country, I encourage all participants and all those concerned about the state of governance in Canada regardless of affiliation to read, follow and contribute reports to Renewal Update, the online daily bulletin of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada. As the title clearly affirms, the bulletin is up-to-date and timely, from the perspective of the renewal or modernization of democracy. The journalism and news coverage is first rate and vibrant; the backgrounders factual, informative and educational; and the analyses principled, sharp, hard-hitting and to the point. Its photo coverage is second to none – a magnificent panoply of the Canadian people in action, from Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia to Yellowknife in the North West Territories and Vancouver in British Columbia.

In yesterday’s edition it affirmed:

“Renewal Update enthusiastically supports the April 18 Day of Action and will continue to provide news, discussion and commentary on Bill C-51 and the movement for its defeat. It calls on everyone concerned about the bill and those organizing against it to join in serious discussion on the bill’s ramifications and the aim of the movement to defeat it as well as how to advance the movement to provide the rights of all with a guarantee. In this work they will find in Renewal Update an enthusiastic participant which puts itself at the service of the movement and bases itself on this interest and aim and no other.”

This success will be consolidated by making the April 18 Day of Action itself a success and continuing to advance the movement no matter how the House of Commons votes on Bill C-51 next week, it underlines. The Senate will continue to debate and study the bill, possibly until the end of June when the Parliament is adjourned for two and a half months.

“With the Harper government’s arrogance in the face of Canadians’ rejection of its anti-terrorism legislation, the movement will set its sights on defeating the Harper government and its attack on the rights of all!’

Also see: Advance the Movement to Defeat Bill C-51 on the Basis of Its Own Aim!




On March 14 actions took place in large cities and small towns nationwide, above are photos (top to bottom) from Vancouver, Yellowknife and Annapolis Royal (population 481). (Photos courtesy of Renewal Update) 

Below, Indian Brook Sipekne’katik First Nation in Nova Scotia takes its stand. (Photo courtesy of April Maloney)

Mi'kmq in NS v Harper.3

Democratic Renewal-SubAd3

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