Alberta: Manipulation of election ‘news’

mediaculpaheader.stretched(May 4, revised May 5) – The U.S.-controlled Edmonton Journal, has just officially endorsed the PCs, which it has done for the last 44 years. What a surprise. Nobody saw that coming.

The Journal is also campaigning on behalf of the Tories, as it has done for the last 44 years.  In today’s issue, the “big news” is an ad for Jim Prentice under the hoax of a so-called news story that five Tory businessmen, who have contributed thousands of dollars to the Tories and received $millions in government contracts over the past three years, want Albertans to vote Tory in the May 5th provincial election. In fact this blatant advertisement for the Tories is so much “news” that it warrants a full page.

Would the following get a full page in the Journal? Five union leaders call on Albertans to vote NDP. No it would not.

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Interesting to note that one of the five Tory hacks is Doug Goss, Chair of the University of Alberta Board of Governors and front man for real estate monopoly Melcor. Goss is opposed to raising the corporate tax rate and raising oil royalties. But he remained silent when his Tories savagely slashed $143 million from the post-secondary education budget in March 2013.

U.S.-controlled Edmonton Journal? Yes, it is now owned by Post Media which is controlled by two U.S. hedge funds, Golden Tree Asset Management (39 per cent) and Silver Point Capita (19 per cent). So we have the bizarre spectacle that it is illegal for the homegrown Alberta Federation of Labour website to comment on the election but it is fine for U.S. hedge funds to tell us how to vote through their Edmonton mouthpiece.

Photo courtesy of TML Daily

Photo courtesy of TML Daily

The PCs who have ruled Alberta for the past 44 years and the powerful monopoly interests they represent are pulling out all the stops to carry out an electoral coup. The main tactic of the PCs is fear-mongering about the economy. They claim that without the PCs steering the ship the economy will be in tatters.

The suggestion that Albertans must vote PC or else the U.S. oil monopolies will leave the province is repugnant for several reasons. First, it is a lie because oddly enough oil companies have to explore for oil where oil exists. For example, the U.S. oil companies could certainly relocate to Japan, Germany, France, and/or South Korea, except for the simple fact that none of those four countries has any proven oil reserves. Second, it exposes once again that Alberta and its Tory government are controlled not by the people but by the foreign oil monopolies, a fact that is everyday becoming clear to more and more people. Third, it suggests that the key to building a province which does serve the interests of the people of Alberta and Canada is for us to take control of our own oil industry. That is the situation in most of the world. According to the World Bank, in 2010, national oil companies accounted for 75 per cent of global oil production and controlled 90 per cent of proven oil reserves.

Working people, youth, women and seniors from one end of the province to the other are making a resounding statement against the austerity agenda and neo-liberal wrecking of the public authority championed by the PCs and Wildrose provincially and the Harper government federally. The arrogance of the PCs has definitely been punctured and no longer is the election result a foregone conclusion. A record 235,410 Albertans cast ballots in advance polls last week, indicating the provincial election may be on course for a higher-than-expected turnout. Elections Alberta said Monday the advance voting numbers were 31-per-cent higher than the previous record of 179,820 in 2012. – With files from Dougal MacDonald on Facebook

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