Journalists: Your colleagues in Palestine are under daily Israeli attacks!

May 4th was World Press Freedom Day. So far in 2015, 44 journalists have died in the line of work. Israel alone killed 17 Palestinian media workers its 51-day military aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian journalist.Photo from Qamar Ahmad.1Un-Explained – A Hamas senior official along with a Palestinian media organization demanded on Sunday the prosecution of Israel for killing, injuring and arresting Palestinian pressmen.

Member of Hamas political bureau, Izzat al-Risheq, called for prosecuting Israel for its violations of the rights of the Palestinian pressmen. He opined that the media is part of Palestine liberation project.

Risheq referred to the importance of media in exposing the Israeli crimes and its impact on the international public opinion.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page on Sunday, Risheq hailed, on World Press Freedom Day, the Palestinian journalists and workers in the field of media in Palestine.

Risheq called for prosecuting Israel for killing Palestinian journalists. “We recall our martyrs who were assassinated by Israel while doing their duties bravely and honestly while their killers are still free,” he said.

Palestinian journalists iconAl Qassam website – In the same context, the Union of Palestinian Radio and Television demanded prosecuting Israel at the international level for killing 17 pressmen in its military aggression on Gaza in last summer and for arresting 28 others since the beginning of the year.

The Union said, in a report on Sunday that the Palestinian journalists are deprived of their rights of freedom of media coverage in accordance with the international law and international human rights charters.

According to the report, six Palestinian journalists are still detained in Israeli jails, bringing the number of the arrested workers in the field of media to 20. Meanwhile, 23 other pressmen were injured in the past four months in covering stories in the field.

The report noted that 13 pressmen and media activists have been arrested in the Palestinian Authority jails in the West Bank and Gaza since the beginning of 2015. Of those, 11 were summoned for investigation and some of them were exposed to repeated arrests, it adds.

The Union called for a human rights campaign for releasing the 20 journalists detained in Israeli jails and to intervene for halting the policy of arresting Palestinian pressmen on work backgrounds. It also called for respecting the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Palestinian law.

The Union urged all Palestinian journalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to vote for electing a united press syndicate to represent all of them on professional, legal and transparent bases.

Names of the 17 journalists who were killed by Israeli attacks in Gaza last summer:
1. Hamid Abdullah Shehab – “Media 24” company.
2. Najla Mahmoud Haj – media activist.
3. Khalid Hamad – the “Kontnao” Media Production company.
4. Ziad Abdul Rahman Abu Hin – al-Ketab satellite channel.
5. Ezzat Duheir – Prisoners Radio.
6. Bahauddin Gharib – Palestine TV.
7. Ahed Zaqqout – veteran sports journalist.
8. Ryan Rami – Palestinian Media Network.
9. Sameh Al-Arian – Al-Aqsa TV.
10. Mohammed Daher – Editor in al-Resala paper.
11. Abdullah Vhjan – sports journalist.
12. Journalist Khaled Hamada Mqat – Director of Saja news website.
13. Freelance journalist Shadi Hamdi Ayyad.
14. Photojournalist Mohammed Nur al-Din al-Dairi – works in the Palestinian Network.
15. Journalist Ali Abu Afesh – Doha Center for Media.
16. Italian journalist Simone Camille – photographer, Associated Press.
17. Abdullah fadel Murtaja

Even pro-Israel CNN was not spared, as one of its reporters was threatened by Israeli spectators:

CNN Reporter Threatened by Israeli Spectators

Deep respect for the journalists
Who keep sharing the truth

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