TML publishes special online supplement ‘The 70th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism in Europe’


8 May marked the 70th anniversary of the surrender of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich in Berlin in 1945 and the defeat of Nazi Germany in Europe – a date recognized throughout the world with the photograph of the flag of the Soviet Red Army flying over the Reichstag, the German Parliament. To this day, that flag is recognized as the Victory Banner.  It is called Victory in Europe Day and other countries of the former Soviet Union where it marks the victory of the Great Patriotic War. It marked the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, as well as the founding of the United Nations.

More than 80 countries and regions and about two billion people in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania were engulfed in the flames of war and suffered grave disasters. The defeat of fascism in Europe was a historic event with a permanent significance not only for the Soviet Union and Europe but for all peoples, who made the greatest contribution to its defeat. Imperialists and fascists can be stopped; their weapons can be silenced; freedom, liberation and the very right-to-be can be won.

Activities to commemorate the occasion were held in major Canadian cities including parades of World War II veterans from the former USSR together with the veterans from Allied countries, meetings, banquets, and presentations. As part of the international commemorations, the editors of TML Weekly published an informative special online supplement on the significance of the victory of the peoples of the world and related events. As one commentary underlines gravely: “To forget the past means to betray; to tamper with history means the start of following the same disastrous road.”

The Anglo-American Plot Against the Peace
Operation Sunrise
– Dougal MacDonald –
Act of Surrender Signed in Reims
– Yuriy Rubtsov –

Bern Incident
– Yuriy Rubtsov –

Setting the Record Straight
Contest of Absurdity and Victory Day
– Yuriy Rubtsov –

The Rewriting of History over VE Day
– Workers’ Weekly –

International Community’s Onus to Safeguard Victorious Outcome of WWII
– Zhu Junqing –

The Leningrad Siege During World War II: The Diary of Tanya Savicheva
– Maria Zakharova –
What Wasn’t Said
– Radio Havana Cuba Editorial, May 5, 2005 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Liberation of Europe –

Historical Accounts on the Liberation of Europe from Nazi-Fascism
Russia Completes Twelve-Volume Treatise on the Great Patriotic War
The Economic Price Paid for Soviet Victory in the Great Patriotic War
– Valentin Katasonov –

Reparations from the Second World War: Stalin’s Generous Gesture
– Valentin Katasonov –

Germany: The National Memory and the Second World War
– Natalia Meden –

Dresden and Poznan: Two Different Ways to Wage War
– Yuriy Rubtsov


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2 responses to “TML publishes special online supplement ‘The 70th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism in Europe’

  1. One would think in the year 2015 humanity would’ve evolved to the point where the leader of every nation would have gone to Moscow. Like a UPS driver friend used to say “somebody’s got some work to do” and “it ain’t right, I tell ya”.


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