Canada Day 2015 and the urgent need to start afresh

Looking at Canada’s history for purposes of sorting out its problems in the present


This year marks the 148th anniversary of the founding of Canada. On this occasion Canadians are being assaulted by the opportunist politicking of the Prime Minister, government ministers, leaders of the so-called major political parties vying to form the next government, politicians from these parties and, to top it off, the so-called mainstream media. In what is called “the pre-election campaign,” all of them have declared open season on Canadians and are hunting them down to extract their vote to get themselves elected.

This Canada Day has been declared part of the preparations for the 150th anniversary celebrations of the 1867 Confederation of Canada. The Prime Minister and the Department of Canadian Heritage are using this event to cause maximum confusion about the history of Canada and what the country has stood for in the past, and what it might stand for today. On the eve of the 150th anniversary celebrations of Confederation, the government has embarked on a gross distortion of history as part of its universally condemned and despised nation-wrecking agenda. All of it is designed to disinform Canadians so that they are incapable of giving expression to their desire for change in a manner which favours them.

This year’s anniversary coincides with the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. Articles on the significance of Magna Carta are being used to promote Anglo-Canadian chauvinism and criminal excuses to invade foreign lands. The references made to conceptions of Rule of Law are used to declare that foreign adventures are justified against states which defend their sovereignty and right to be.

This year is also the 25th anniversary of the failure of the Meech Lake Accord and soon we will mark the 23rd anniversary of the failure of the Charlottetown Accord. These two accords were efforts by Canada’s ruling elites to preserve the status quo by strengthening executive rule – something Canadians, Quebeckers and the Indigenous peoples have rebelled against and opposed time and time again.

These anniversaries have been seized by the reactionary Harper government and others to delve into the past for purposes of blocking society’s path to progress as the Prime Minister is doing. This reveals a morbid desire to impose those aspects of Canada’s colonialist, elitist and reactionary past which Canadians have already rejected and want discarded once and for all. Today what is required is to start afresh, on the basis of addressing the challenges which face Canadians today.

Starting afresh requires the renewal of the arrangements entered into at the time of Confederation on a modern basis, on a basis suitable to those who comprise the federation today. This means all citizens and residents, as well as the provinces and territories and, of utmost importance, the Indigenous peoples – whose lands were either expropriated in the first place or acquired based on treaties whose terms have yet to be fulfilled – and the nation of Quebec.

Source: TML Weekly Information Project, June 27. 2015, No. 26

In this edition, TML Weekly provided readers with information on the political arrangements prior to and after Confederation, as well as the Meech Lake Accord, the Spicer Commission and Magna Carta.


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