Labour Day 2015. On October 19 vote for a new direction for the economy


Defeating Harper in October is one step that can be taken on the path towards a new pro-social economic direction where the people can exercise their right to decide. Harper’s defeat in October will open a path which can be taken up by the working people to go further in fighting for a pro-social agenda to solve Canada’s economic problems. By overcoming such hurdles as the Harper dictate the world is full of opportunities for a new nation-building direction.

Measures must be taken to restrict monopoly right so that the country is put on a path of nation-building. Under the direction of the Harper government and its mania for monopoly-controlled free trade, privatization and wrecking of the public sector and social programs, monopoly right is running amok. Sovereign decision making over the economy has to be restored. This means reversing the free trade deals and favouring trade on a mutually beneficial basis. It requires establishing public authorities with power to restrict monopoly right and its current free rein to wreck the economy and nation. This is what U.S. Steel, Vale Inco, Kellogg’s, Heinz, Cascades, CAMECO, Alcoa, Resolute Forest Products, Cargill, Irving and others are doing. Manufacturing must become a priority using the natural resources as a base for development — not sell-out.

The public assets, services and systems that we have must be protected such as Canada Post, our public utilities and what is left of supply management in agriculture. Public enterprise should be extended especially into the financial and wholesale sectors. In this modern age, no excuse or possible reason exists for private dictate in opposition to public authority and decision-making directly accountable to the people and the broad public interest.

The people must have the freedom and political power to say what they see as necessary and what direction they want to take the economy. Global social wealth and political intrigue from the centres of the big powers must be restricted. Their self-serving dictate for secret terms and demands contradicts the well-being and security of Canadians and the public interest. The annexation of Canada into the United States of North American Monopolies must be halted. Canada’s armed forces must play their role to defend the country, not threaten and attack other nations.

A new human-centred thinking about the economy and its direction, whom it should serve, and its relation with the social and natural environment is ready to come into being, if only the obstacles such as Harper and his unprincipled neo-liberal ideologues and privileged patrons are deprived of their power.

The Time is Now for a New Pro-Social Direction for the Economy to Serve the Public Interest!

All Out to Defeat Harper on October 19!

 Source: Renewal Update, September 7, 2015 • No. 157.

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