Labour Day 2015: Determination to defeat Harper Conservatives and uphold public right

Across the country at rallies and picnics on Labour Day working people expressed their unity in action to defeat the Harperites.

Workers voiced their opposition to the Harper government’s destruction of the economy, its assault on workers’ rights and continuing push to privatize public assets such as Canada Post.

They condemned Harper’s anti-worker laws such as Bill C-377, which puts undue scrutiny on union finances and undermines their right to organize. Working people also voiced their opposition to Bill C-51  and other laws that threaten and violate the rights of the Canadian people.

Public sector unions led opposition to federal and provincial governments’ cuts to social programs and services, public sector wages, pensions and benefits imposed to balance the federal budget on the back of workers.

This spirit that Harper can be defeated and that the demands of the working people will prevail was present at all the Labour Day rallies and gatherings across the country this September 7th.

The broadsheet Democratic Renewal produced by the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada for the 2015 federal election was distributed across the country.











(Photos: Renewal Update, A. Ekman, AUPE, Yukon Federation of Labour)

Source: Renewal Update, September 8, 2015 • No. 158


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