MLPC appeal to working people of Ontario

In this election, the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) is appealing to the working people and youth of Ontario to make a clear statement that they oppose the neo-liberal anti-social offensive, that they want a new direction for the economy without nation-wrecking and privatization of health care and education, that serves the working people with jobs, manufacturing, pensions, care for children, seniors, veterans and those in need. This clear statement must also be against Canada’s warmongering role abroad and its integration into Fortress North America.

Such a statement can be made if we defeat the Harper government. Also in Ontario, our duty is to defeat the Liberals who we have seen time and time again stand for the same neo-liberal agenda as Harper.

We are appealing especially to the 50 per cent of Ontario voters who have not been voting because they consider all the so-called major parties to be those who implement the neo-liberal program against their interests, a program the international financial oligarchs and global monopolies demand and equate with good governance in their narrow private interests.

In this regard, Ontarians are very leery that if the NDP is elected it will pull a Bob Rae on them. In our opinion, this is more than likely, but if a strong statement is made that we oppose the neo-liberal pro-war austerity agenda, we place ourselves in a much better position to hold the NDP in check. This is because instead of choosing between this and that political party, we will be advancing our own demands.

The challenge Ontario voters face in this election is how to make our votes count. In our opinion, we can do so by making a strong statement against the neo-liberal pro-war agenda by rejecting en masse the Conservative and Liberal Parties. Such a voice will strengthen the people’s hand in holding all the parties in check after the election.

We need to appeal to the 50 per cent who have not been casting a ballot, and involve them in making a difference. In Ontario, many of the unions have laid out a plan to appeal to Conservative voters to change their vote. We join the desire of the labour movement to turn things around by appealing to the 50 per cent of non-voters to vote to defeat the Conservatives and Liberals. They can make a difference and we call on labour to join us as well to get out the vote of the non-voters.

The candidates of the MLPC are all working people and youth who fight for the empowerment of the people not only between elections but during elections as well.

We call for a new direction for the economy and renewal of the political process so that Canadians can directly decide the matters that concern them and affect their lives.

We want a modern constitution so that all vestiges of privilege are eliminated, citizenship rights are affirmed on an objective, non-racist basis and the rights of residents and refugees are provided with a guarantee.

We seek to end colonial injustice and restore nation-to-nation relations with the Aboriginal peoples and uphold Quebec’s right to self-determination.

We also see the need to establish an anti-war government and believe that security is defended when the rights of all are defended. In this regard, we join with others in demanding the repeal of Bill C-51.

On climate change and environmental destruction as a result of monopoly interests running roughshod over public right, Indigenous rights and Mother Earth, we think the problem can be solved if human beings, especially the working people, are in control of the decisions about what to produce and how to produce it. Taking care of Mother Earth and taking care of human beings are intertwined. Without looking after human beings and upholding their rights,including their right to decide, and without restoring nation-to-nation relations with the indigenous peoples,  neither human beings nor Mother Earth stand a chance.

In this election, we can all make big strides to make the vote of Ontario workers count. We have to overcome the split in the workers’ movement. This split contributed to giving Harper his majority in the last election despite the heroic effort made by Quebec workers who voted in a bloc for the NDP to defeat Harper. This election requires the same kind of commitment and resolve Quebec workers displayed in 2011.

We are calling on the 50 per cent of non-voting Ontarians to cast their ballot this time around, not for parties they do not support, but to use the election to make a clear statement against the neo-liberal pro-war austerity agenda by making sure to defeat the Conservatives and Liberals. This broad mobilization for a definite aim to oppose the neo-liberal war agenda opens a path to hold any government in check, including the NDP.

We share the concerns of those who do not vote because none of the big parties represents what they want and need. And, as far as making a statement goes, if you all vote Marxist-Leninist, the ruling circles will definitely receive the message loud and clear: Stop paying the rich and increase investments in social programs or watch out!

DemocraticRenewalRU_2To cast an informed vote in this election we encourage everyone to read Renewal Update, our online daily newsletter. Ontario Political Forum will not be published during the election but subscribers will be sent Renewal Update. If you do not wish to receive it, please reply to this message with “unsubscribe RU” in the subject line. However, it contains important discussion and information on political affairs and the work for people’s empowerment nationwide and provides a space for the missing voice of the working class to be heard in this election and beyond. Please share it with neighbours, family and friends and send in reports, photos and opinions to

Please note that Ontario Political Forum will resume regular publication following the election.

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