Ottawa demonstration says refugees welcome! Stop the war now!

The establishment of an anti-war government is the order of the day

(Renewal Update) – The Syrian Arab Association of Canada held a successful rally at the Human Rights monument in Ottawa on Sunday, September 13. It called for Canada to welcome Syrian refugees, for an end to U.S. and Canadian bombing of Syria and for the restoration diplomatic and economic relations with the Syrian government.

President of the Association, Mounir Louis, said: “Welcome to refugees, or should we say, to our parents, our children, our close ones. The solution can only be to stop making refugees, to stop the war which is pushing Syrians away from their homes and their country.”

Refugees Welcome

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Louis also pointed out that historically Syria has been a refuge for a number of peoples of the region who have suffered various hardships and tragedies. He pointed out that Syria has now become a country whose population is leaving to live in camps, or else they stay to face rocket fire or to await death by car-bombing or at the hands of terrorists and mercenaries coming from the four corners of the earth.

He said that if the Canadian government wanted to fight terrorism, for example the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), it would have to stop countries from buying oil stolen from these two countries by ISIS. This oil is then transported hundreds of kilometres away thanks to airplanes provided by the Coalition and the United States, Louis explained.

Louis later explained that the Syrian Arab Association had attempted to meet with Conservative MPs to follow up on their offers of humanitarian aid but without success. They have not managed to speak to anyone to date.

Another spokesperson for the Association, Elias Assad, put it bluntly, saying, “Canada bears a direct responsibility for the deaths of Alan Kurdi and thousands of other children whose names won’t be known to Canadians. Canada has supplied hundreds of millions of dollars to support [so-called rebels in Syria] who kill, terrorize and drive people out of their homes, destroy infrastructure, and make the country uninhabitable.”

Assad also pointed out that Harper, in a bitter irony, wants to use the death of Alan Kurdi to victimize even more children. “Mr. Harper says he won’t send troops, but will bomb ISIS more. Not long ago, he bombed Libya in support of ISIS mercenaries by other names at the time, and he sent troops in direct contravention of UN Security Council resolutions.”

Assad went on to express the thoughts and feelings of Canadians. “The Canadian people are fed up with lies, fed up with Harper’s belligerent policies, fed up with the destruction of one country after another, and fed up with paying for this destruction!” he said. “We are coming to an election soon, and I have this to say to Mr. Harper, the soon to be ex-Prime Minister: Stop bombing Syria! Bring the troops home,” he added also expressing his conviction that the resistance of the Syrian people will triumph.

 Source: Renewal Update

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