Leaders’ debate in Montreal tonight

An election debate with five party leaders takes place in Montreal tonight at 8 pm, broadcast on Radio-Canada, CBC News, CTV News and streaming online on Globalnews.ca.

It is said such debates define the conversation around what are election issues. At this point in the election, however, the ruling circles and media are becoming increasingly desperate to find a clear champion who they can predict will form a government. They hope the debate will provide such a person. This is why the disinformation over where things stand in Quebec in the lead-up to the debate this evening promotes a confrontation between the so-called five party leaders that can only further wreck public opinion.

In this vein, viewers can expect the most obscurantist notions of secularism, minority rights, multiculturalism, integration and tolerance, amongst other things. Already every attempt is being made to divide the people by spreading confusion and inciting passions over what constitute Quebec values, Canadian values, matters of principle and fundamental rights versus backward ideas, all in the name of defending Quebec’s interests.

Tonight’s debate is the only one currently scheduled which will feature five party leaders and it is the first debate to be conducted in French. So far it has received little attention outside of Quebec.

The debate, called Élections 2015 — le grand débat is divided into five themes: the economy, governance and democracy, the environment, Canada and the world. Anne-Marie Dussault will moderate. Questions will be posed by Radio-Canada anchor Patrice Roy and La Presse columnist Yves Boivert. The order of remarks and questions has been decided by drawing lots, and pre-announced by the CBC. The party leaders in the debate in order of positioning on stage are Gilles Duceppe, Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair, Elizabeth May and Justin Trudeau.

The debate will last two hours.


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