Meet the Nepean Marxist-Leninist candidate: Tony Seed

2015.08.29.TS.NepeanI am proud to stand as a candidate for the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada (MLPC) in the riding of Ottawa Nepean in the 2015 federal election, as well as to return to Ottawa, the city where I became politically active during the Sixties. My candidacy was presented by the Nepean Barhaven News, in an article by MEGAN DELAIRE published on Thursday.

(September 24) – Tony Seed’s civic experience stretches from Canada to Syria and spans over 40 years. Seed works as a journalist, specializing in international relations and military policy.

Seed attended Carleton University and was heavily involved in political activism in Ottawa in the 1960s. He helped found a co-op book store, co-op student housing and a student newspaper. While working for the Globe and Mail as a feature writer and a reporter, he was nominated for a national newspaper award.

In 2014 he was invited to be an independent observer of the presidential elections in Syria. While there, he visited election polls and refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon.

Seed spent several decades after university living in Halifax and returned to Ottawa in 2015. Seed currently lives in Ottawa and is considering moving into Nepean.

Q: Why are you running?

A: This is not the first election I’ve run in. The main reason I stand in elections is that it gives an opportunity to bring forth a political program based on the problems Canadians face and to move our society forward in a human centred direction.

Q: Detail your past political and civic experience or activism at any level of government or political party.

A: The political experience I had locally in Ottawa as a youth and student activist – including founding the first underground newspaper in Canada – led me to the conclusion of the necessity of a new party. So I came forward to help found the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada in 1970. I’ve been involved in political and civic affairs throughout my life and this has ranged from being a board member of the Gaelic Society of Nova Scotia, building programs for language renewal and minority language rights, to being a coach and sports executive.

I’ve been invited to write for Islamic publications such as Crescent International because I stand for freedom of conscience and defence of rights for all. I was invited about 10 years ago to be an expert witness in the Senate hearings and investigation of the state of the media in Canada.

Q: What is the biggest federal issue facing your riding and how has it been handled to date? How would you approach it?

A: There’s no one central issue that faces this riding or any riding in particular. The central issue is the necessity of establishing an anti-war people’s government that gives people the possibility of solving the problems they’re facing and making a contribution to social progress. The two issues, both related, are the economy and the fact that we’re faced with a war government which is hiding behind the refugee question. This is a government that, since 2011, has directly intervened in Syria, a sovereign country. It has directly participated in organizing terrorists, funded terrorists, provided logistical support to terrorists, and at the same time tells Canada that this is a “civil war” and these are “freedom fighters.”

Q: What are the biggest federal issues affecting the Ottawa region? How will you address them?

A: The central thing about infrastructure projects – for example funding for the football stadium – is that these become a means of paying the rich. These projects should be fully publicly funded and made for the benefit of the populace, not private interests. Public transit should be greatly expanded and slowly the use of cars should be checked.

The other big issue in Ottawa is the status of civil servants. I am for a public post office and I support the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and their campaign to stop the privatisation of Canada Post. I support the veterans and their campaign against the Harper government. A civil servant should have a status of dignity and pride instead of always being demeaned and pushed.

Q: Nationally, what do you view as the biggest issues facing Canada, and how do you plan to address them?

A: The refugee crisis has brought to the floor the criminal approach of Harper, who is trying to use the death of a child to justify more war, under the pretext of bombing ISIS. Conciliation with that by a pro-refugee, pro-war course is also criminal, as the NDP and the Liberals advocate. An anti-war government would work to end the displacement of people as the result of war and occupation and provide humanitarian aid to refugees and victims of natural disaster.

The problem of the environment, destruction and climate change, is also important. Again the solution is to empower human beings, especially working people, so that they control the decisions of what to produce and how to produce it.

Other federal candidates in the Nepean riding include Conservative candidate Andy Wang, Green candidate Jean-Luc Cooke, independent candidate Jesus Cosico, Liberal candidate Chandra Arya and NDP candidate Sean Devine. As the riding is newly formed from the former Nepean-Carleton riding, there is no incumbent.

Source: Nepean Barhaven News, September 24, 2015

The article has been slightly edited for typos and copy.





Facebook: Tony Seed

Twitter: @mlpcpmlc

Telephone: 514-522-1373 or 416-253-4475

Mail: Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, PO Box 666, Station C, Montreal, Quebec H2L 4L5




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