What it means to occupy the space for change

In this election the word change is heard often. Canadians from one end of the country to the other say they want change. The slogan of the NDP is, It’s Time for Change. The Liberal Party says it is for Real Change. Another party says it is for Fundamental Change. For its part, the MLPC calls on the working people to Occupy the Space for Change. Only Harper’s party wants nothing to do with change, especially not a change of government!

The MLPC points out that the space for change belongs to everyone, not just the rich and the anti-social reforms they are bringing about which are threatening to tear society asunder. The crucial issue is who occupies this space. In this regard, the striving of the people for change that favours them continues without let-up and is decisive.

It is the extent to which the working people occupy the space for change and manage to turn things around in their favour that determines the future of society and nature. Other notions of change, especially policy objectives and exhortations, are either not helpful or they are disinforming.

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