Fifth ‘Leaders’ Debate’

Protest outside Radio-Canada ‘leaders’ debate’ on September 24 says ‘Power to the People’

Protest outside Radio-Canada ‘leaders’ debate’ on September 24 says ‘Power to the People’

The final “leaders’ debate” of the 2015 federal election takes place tonight at 8 pm. The debate, which will be conducted in Montreal in French only is called Face to Face 2015. It is organized and hosted by private Quebec television network TVA and will be available via other cable channels across Canada which choose to carry the feed and at

The leaders of four of Canada’s 23 registered parties will take part in the debate: Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party, Thomas Mulcair of the NDP, Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party and Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Québécois. Duceppe replaces Green Party leader Elizabeth May. who participated in the last French-language boutique debate on September 24. It is sure to see Duceppe try to rival Harper when it comes to pushing fearmongering and backwards, xenophobic comments which are then blamed on the Quebec people.

The debate will last two hours, and be divided between “face-to-face dialogue,” “open discussion” and the leaders “speaking directly to voters.” The topics, in order, are the economy and government finances, security and Canada’s role in the world, and social and governance policies.

To see what the MLPC thinks about this debate, read today’s Renewal Update.

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– Genevieve Royer and Pierre Soublière –


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